My Own Little Personal Progress Report

Sometimes it is easy to overlook the progress made over a span a time. Sometimes it is easy to focus on how far I have left to go and not celebrate how far I’ve come. Sometimes it is easy to convince myself I am stuck in a rut, when in fact I am speeding down the road oblivious to all the mile markers.

With the closing of 2010, I would like to recognize some strides I have made this year. This is my own little personal progress report.

I moved into a place by myself and I bought a sweet new ride.

I finished a half marathon and I ate some incredible food to balance it out.

I invested in my Church, my community, and myself.

I gained some new responsibility and I delegated, or deleted, some “not to dos.”

I made friends who bullishly enter into hard conversations and friends who fight for me, and for what is right.

I traveled domestically and internationally and I continued to nourish my Nashville roots.

I relaxed and I served. I learned and I shared. I worked and I played.

I grappled with hard questions and I pursued divine Truth.

I stepped out in fear. And I stepped out in faith.

What are a few things you did in 2010?

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Lindsey has a sincere love for her precious dogs Molly and Maisy, a good red wine and the Delta Sky Club.

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  • Wow. That is so cool, Lindsey 🙂 We should all be more intentional about this.. definitely adds a layer of accountability.

    Sometimes things seem to blur by so fast it's hard to see what's happened and how far we've come. [At least for me]

    This year for me included passing up a very sweet job opportunity so we didn't have to uproot our daughter. [It would've destroyed her] and traveling a lot less so I can focus more of my energies on the last few years I have with her before she graduates high school. I'm fairly certain I lost my preferred status on United but it's worth it.

    I've taken a few huge risks professionally that forced me to totally rely on God to show up, otherwise I'll fall flat on my face. [Not done yet, so still praying on these.. ] And I've made some strategic choices to invest more time in my family relationships vs. professional ones or building the businesses. Already learned the hard way once, so working fiercely to have my priorities in the right order.
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  • I started blogging and have really grown to enjoy it.
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  • What a great year you had! 2010 was one of the hardest I've ever experienced but getting to spend a week in Guatemala with you and the team was a tremendous joy. I wish we could hang out more!
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    • For me, this year really was all about relationships. I am simply amazed at the people I have had walk into my life. Of which you are one. 🙂

  • I was able to take an amazing trip to Cambodia with rapha house.
    Have learned tons of new lessons from God and things I need to work on
    and I was able to learn more about sex trafficking and become more involved in raising awareness as well as talking with victims
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  • rachelshae

    moved back home–i swore i never would
    moved by myself to a different country
    faced some hard questions and rebuilt my faith from the ground up–actually, that's still a WIP

  • Thank you Lindsey for the great reminder that we should take time to celebrate the road traveled, as we look ahead to the journey before us!

    I stepped out in blind faith on my first missions trip outside the US. And had my entire small cosmos forever crushed.
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  • Ken

    I loved this comment you made. "I finished a half marathon and I ate some incredible food to balance it out." Diane and I extended ourselves socially and found a new friend, Lindsey.

    • Loved getting to know you and Diane. Look forward to more time with ya'll in 2011…that is if you don't hurt yourself in a sledding accident. Your video last night had me worried! 🙂

  • Well, I flew (in an airplane) for the first time EVER. I loved it! Went to CO for a Ransomed Heart/Captivating Retreat. Awesome!

    I read 17 books (and have 20 more on my reading list, thanks to you and people like you)!

    I dropped the ball about halfway through the year on my blogging venture. Hope to pick it back up in 2011.

    Read the Bible through in 365 days (or will…scheduled to complete on Dec 28). Best decision (other than initially following Jesus) EVER! Used the app.

    Gained too much weight (hope to take care of that as well in 2011).

    That's it in a nutshell. Thanks for prodding me to think about it!

    • I have heard GREAT things about the Captivating retreats. I'd love to do that someday.

      I want to do the Bible in 2011. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Sounds like a great year!
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