What Are Your Colors?

A couple of weeks ago I started talking to Kyle Reed about a blog redesign. Our conversation went something like this.

Kyle: When are you going to customize Standard Theme on your blog?

Me: When are YOU going to customize Standard Theme on my blog? Seriously. I know it looks boring. Feel free to spice it up. I’ll pay you.

And so he did. And I love what he came up with. It still is simple but it doesn’t look like every other Standard Themer out there. (For what it is worth, Standard Theme is the best theme out there. And yes, this is an affiliate link. Which I would feel bad about if you weren’t going to LOVE using it.)

But I have had several friends say, “I like the design, but blue and orange ARE NOT your colors.” To which I have smiled and responded, “well, what do you think my colors are?”

I have heard I am a green and purple girl. I have heard I need something more earthy. I have heard I need something less Denver Broncos and more Dallas Cowboys. (Yes, I tend to attract opinionated friends.)

Unfortunately I still have no clue what my color(s) are. So I thought I’d open it up to you, my readers, since you are the ones who have to look at them on occasion.

What do you think my colors are? (And if you say pink, I will slug you. ;))

What are your colors?

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Lindsey has a sincere love for her precious dogs Molly and Maisy, a good red wine and the Delta Sky Club.

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  • I think blue, orange, and white kind of suites you, but that’s just me!

  • I know your colors, well at least that you need multiple options 🙂
    Working on that now just for you

  • Lindsey, your true colors are beautiful. Like a rainbow.

    I realize this is not a constructive answer. But I rarely pass up an opportunity to quote Cyndi Lauper. (Now HER color would be pink…)

  • Vix T24

    I think you are green and gray

  • @lindseygilstrap

    I have to tell you–I really like the navy and orange together for just pure aesthetics. I am not sure what would be more fitting. That is actually a very good question. I have no idea what my colors would be either. I wear a lot of red and pink, so maybe one of those would be a good indicator for me. I think my fav colors are blue, yellow, and green though…

  • I’ve never met you other than your blog posts and twitter. So this is a total shot in the dark but I would pick a rich chocolate brown with an olive green and a little bit of gold.

    There you go. That’s what I would pick but I think you can pull off the blue and orange. 🙂

  • Nicole Arbuckle

    Your “real” friends (not cyber acquaintances) are probably the best ones to answer that question for you. To make you feel better, from what I “know” (using that term very loosely) about you… I definitely don’t pin you for a pink girl. For some reason, the person that comes to mind when I think pink is Dolly Parton. (Sorry, I know that is random). I picture you as a blue and green girl. (The trendy blue & green colors.)

  • Alright. I’m on board with purple, but think you should pair it with gold.

    My colors are masculine earthy tones. Brown & dark blue. Dirt and water.

  • All colours are beautiful if blended well. But what you need to help you make up your mind is a “reason” for choosing your colours. How do you see yourself? Usually how we think of ourselves makes us unconsciously choose the colours of our clothes, furniture, blogs… On the other hand maybe you want to distant the idea you have of yourself and project a completely different reflection on your blog. Whatever be the case think along the lines of “concepts” either of yourself or of your blog.
    “Elegance” is a concept- which matches with grey, white and black but not of course in equal quantities. Dark colours however give the idea of elegance- e.g. navy blue with a dash of a contrasting colour.
    “Joy and happiness” they are reflected in solar colours, different tones of yellows, with splashes of pink, orange or red.
    “Peace” All hues of greens and blues on the pastel side will send out that message.
    “Pensive” Sombre colours, sage green, greys…
    and so on…
    Looking forward to seeing it.

  • I like the blue that is behind most of the blog, but I don’t like the white gap between the header and the posts. I like the navy blue, but not so crazy about the orange. Not sure what to substitute for the orange. Maybe Kyle can give you some other choices. Never met you, but just commenting on the look of the page.

  • I kinda see you as a bluey greeny type person. But not an orange person.

    Obviously, my opinion doesn’t count for much since I’ve never even met you in person!!

  • I’ve always pictured your colors as a navy blue with a rich, dark red as an accent. I like the blue you are using for your header (though it could be a bit darker in my opinion). I’d lose the orange, though, and put red in its place. Hope this helps!

  • Look up the theme “Hmm” on Kuler. It’s bold and sophisticated and sporty. And if that’s not Lindsey Nobles, what is?

  • Anonymous

    I was thinking maybe you were going with Auburn colors, in light of their recent championship. You could change it out. Kidding! Green and Purple sound fun. My color is hot pink, even though I’m not a “girly” girl.

  • Anonymous

    i think it looks fantastic… kyle did a great job.

    i don’t have strong opinions about your color but just in case you’re wondering i’m more blues, grays and nature-ish. 😉

  • Kamrie

    from a slightly biased point of view I think Kyle did a fabulous job.
    I kind of like the colors though. Not every blog has this. Most blogs seem to have earthy colors rather than something bold.
    I have no idea what my colors but I know my favorite color is neon green.

  • Brown, blue & black.

  • Red and black.

  • I’m more of a “dull” person.. black, gray, dark blue, etc…
    And then of course I bleed red and black (Go Dawgs).

  • Love the redesign. Kyle did a great job,

  • Gchalfont1977

    My guess would be either the Longhorn Orange and white since you’re from Texas (and you just might be a longhorn fan)… 🙂

  • Julie Kolb

    Since I love fashion, I had to weigh in..First, I think you are stunning regardless of color..You have the most contagious smile..Having said that~ in my semi professional opinion~ Whenever someone compliments you on your appearance, take note of what colors you are wearing..After awhile you can establish a pattern and those will most likely be the colors for you..It might be fun to try out different outfits and see what peoples reactions are..Just remember, they should be complimenting you, not the outfit..So if they say “That’s a great shade of red”, then red is not your color..You want people to notice Y O U :)..Btw, people say I look good in purple..To which my thoughts at first were “oh great, I look the Barney”..haha..But they are right..I get most compliments when wearing a shade of purple/mauve or a shade of blue..Hope that helps!!!

  • Liz

    “if you say pink, I will slug you.”

    You are a woman after my own heart! Haha! I’m a green and purple girl, although I feel like I’ll be evolving soon. 🙂 I like the new design!

  • I’ve never met you, but you do seem more of a purple/green person. Or maybe red/brown….. hmmmm

  • I don’t know you personally, Lindsey. And even if I did know you, I would still dig the colors – because they are colors. Colors don’t define us, or even reveal things about us very well. That is just a mystical hype bandwagon I jumped far from many years ago.

    However, considering your blog…I feel a blog’s colors needs to emulate the message you are trying to get across – not so much emulate your personality. And I sincerely believe the colors here do just that. It is very clean, very simple, and it isn’t boring at all. So honestly, I dig the colors based on what your blog sends out to people – the messages it shares with the world. The messages are always clean, simple and never boring – so there you go. 🙂 He did a great job with the design – I love it!

    As for me…I am on a mission to get Standard Theme for my blog soon – and once I do, I have in mind the colors it needs for it to reflect the message it reflects…which will have a good bit of calming blues and white in it.

  • I am pretty sure you are grays, whites, blacks and a little accent red or blue.

    Me…I am black and white. Mostly black but you know this.

  • I like blue and orange… it is unique, it makes a bold and lovely statement, it is classic. Just like YOU 🙂

  • I like the blue and orange, personally. Very striking.

  • Love the color scheme!!

  • I like it, Lindsey. I don’t know you enough to give a perceptive answer about your colours. But seeing on the blue and orange suits you from what I’ve known by reading.

    Maybe it because I have an affinity towards blue and orange. But really like a dark, forest green. And also a deep purple.

  • Watering

    I think blue and orange work great on your blog. I don’t think I have come across any other blogs with this color combination. It works great!


  • Ashleymmoss

    I LOVE the orange/blue theme…and not just because Orange is my favorite color…It’s bold and simple at the same time. It’ s professional and it will drive folks right to your content.