Cyber-Stalking, Compassion Friends & A Giveaway

As soon as I was asked to go to Guatemala with Compassion International last fall, I began cyber-stalking the other bloggers have a better grasp of who would be on the trip. I’m no dummy, I understood that the other bloggers could make or break this experience.

Thankfully I already knew, or kind of knew, or virtually knew, Lisa-Jo. We had several mutual friends and had interacted online dozens of times. And I genuinely looked forward to meeting her in person. (I was not the slightest bit disappointed. Lisa-Jo is fantastic.)

So my real intensive research started with Amanda Jones. One peek at her family tree and I started worrying. Yes, the fact that she was raised by Beth Moore was more than a little intimidating. But I knew we had a Texas connection. And a Texas connection is a pretty powerful thing. I knew if she started throwing down some mad Bible study skills I could slip in a Mexican food reference and we’d be back to an area where both of us could exist comfortably. (Side note: Amanda Jones might just be one of the kindest, most welcoming people on the planet. I quickly learned we had a lot more than Texas in common.)

As soon as I convinced myself to get comfortable with the idea of Amanda,  I made my way to Ann Voskamp’s blog. And discovered this beautiful concoction of prose, pictures and music. (I know, I usually hate music on blogs too, but trust me, Ann’s music is oddly soothing.) As I delved into the content I began getting more and more concerned, “What could I possibly have in common with the wife of a Canadian farmer who home-schools her six kids and writes like a poet?”

“Dang. I’m in trouble. I am in so far over my head. What in the world was Shaun Groves thinking when he put me on this trip?”

I still am not sure.

But I can tell you this.

Ann Voskamp oozes Jesus. I am not the type of person who says things like, “So-and-so oozes Jesus” but every time I hear Ann Voskamp’s name I can’t help myself from awkwardly blurting it out. Because she simply oozes Jesus. I have never met someone who loves as fully, and vulnerably. I have never met someone who so purely desired to employ their talents (and boy does Ann Voskamp have talents) to glorify God. I have never met someone who could make an email of encouragement feel like a cherished Word from an angel among us. And I have never met someone who lived with such a intense posture of thankfulness.

I am pretty sure I could spend days following Ann Voskamp around and learning about what being Christlike looks like in the midst of opportunity, busyness, and struggle. But since I don’t have the luxury, I will simply have to soak Ann up by reading her book, One Thousand Gifts. I have started it two times and each time have felt nudged to share it with a friend or family member before I could finish it. (Seriously, it is that good.) But not this time, this copy is staying with me, forever.

Oh, and these 3 women and my friends at Compassion were the perfect traveling companions. But you knew that already.

I do have some copies to  share with you though, 15, in fact. If you would like to enter to win a copy of One Thousand Gifts, just leave a comment below about a person you know that just oozes Jesus. I will pick 15 random winners on Friday and notify them via email. UPDATE: ALL THE WINNERS HAVE BEEN SELECTED AND NOTIFIED. THANK YOU FOR THE TREMENDOUS RESPONSE.

PS – Compassion just announced their May trip to the Philippines. Be sure to be praying for and encouraging this amazing group of bloggers. I can’t wait to follow them to the Far East. So cool.

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  • Nancy Sockwell

    My parents. Every thought and action was goverened by a love for Christ and His church.

  • Timndria

    My mom oozes Christ in everything she does — she is a marvelous example as a mother, grandmother and friend 🙂

  • Kimberly

    My friend Renee. She has a servant heart. She shows Jesus’ love through her many acts of kindness.

  • Am I too late? Is it this Friday or last?

    Anyway, I can’t say I know anyone who oozes Jesus. Robin from Pensieve and my friend, Jeanne, come as close as anyone I’ve known.

  • My friend Kelly oozes Jesus. She loves me right where I am–the good, the bad, and the ugly. Gently nudging me toward the Father in her quiet ways. In fact, she kind of reminds me of Ann. When we announced our adoption, her family was the first to jump on board and support us financially. We’re forever grateful that we’re one step closer to our Ethiopian baby because of Kelly.

  • Carlastout5

    My friend Lauren does not have the book yet! Money is really tight for her and her family! I would love to win a copy of Ann’s book for her! She is a true Christ-follower and lives her everyday life with the Spirit leading!

  • Ummm, I like others am wondering “which Friday?”, but in hopes that you mean NEXT Friday… my friend Cathy (and her husband) are missionaries in Guatemala City. Her love for the Word of God, her desire to live and share the joy of the Lord, and her heart to introduce others to her Savior, OOZES Jesus. I was wishing I had a case of books to give to my friends — she would be first on the list.


    My friend Cass does that! We always talk about what God is doing , who we’ve talked to, how God is working in our children’s lives. We’ve known each other for over 20 years and now with silver hair we both are a bit like Luci Shaw and Madeleine L’Engle on the front of Friends for the Journey>

  • Pamchilcott

    I love learning about practical ways to live out life in Christ. I have a very special friend who is a living example of what it is to love out loud as you follow Jesus. He is passionate about being the hands and feet to a lost world – no matter if they are rich or poor.He does hidden acts of kindness and then celebrates as that person is celebrating how God has answered a prayer or remembered them. I am so thankful for God restoring our marriage and breathing new life into us as we journey together and seek after God.

  • Jenniferprucker

    I am eternally blessed because my own mother oozes Jesus. She knows many, many Bible verses by heart and while raising us, she would gently correct us, always always pointing us back to the Word and what God had to say about our choices. Now I am 36 and have 3 children of my own. We memorize a verse a week as a family……I have my mom to thank for giving me this love for Jesus and His Word. I would soooo love to win a copy of this book! I’ve recently discovered Ann and she IS the most eloquent writer I have ever read.

  • My friend Genise oozes Jesus. I love that phrase “oozing Jesus”. Peace-filled; joy-filled; compassion-filled; mercy -filled; grace-filled; LOVE; JESUS. Filled so much Jesus oozes out to everyone she encounters. People, friends, even strangers confide in her and she prays and lifts it up to God without taking the burden herself. A skill I have yet to learn. She doesn’t preach Christ-likeness but embodies Christ in everything she does.
    If I win this, I will give her the copy so she can be blessed just as I am. I too, usually give away books before I finish them. Knowing this, and my love for Ann’s blog, he purchased a copy of her book for my birthday with the condition that I would read the entire book before blessing it to someone else. :o)

  • Rae

    My dad. He is not a preachy type of man, but he has shown me who Jesus is, now and in my growing-up years, by the way he made decisions and choices in daily life, by his prayer life and love for Scriptures, by his life of service in our parish, by the way he raised the six of us, by his quiet, strong yet gentle love!
    (Welcome to my country in May!)

  • Maria Frias

    My father, even suffering for serious heart-deseases, always gives thanks to God for every blessing, giving Him glory and testifying of His mercies to everyone in the hospital… Even people who don´t know God says that he has a radiant joy that spreads hope to everyone around…

  • Vonnie

    There is a dear man of God who not only talks the talk, but walks the walk. He loves people unconditionally and seeks to bring them to God whenever he is with them. This man works as a pastor, a full-time special ed teacher, and wrestling coach – all to find those who are in need of salvation. His life is one of servanthood. I love him very much. He is my pastor, best friend, and husband of 31 years!

  • Nappgang1

    My grandmother oozed Jesus. She could find good in anyone. She loved unconditionally. I knew Jesus better because of her.

  • You are so right about Amanda. She is so loving and giving and fun. I got to stay in her home last year, and she got up at the most ungodly hour to drive me to the airport after an exhausting weekend.

    And Ann. She has written some things to me that still have me shaking my head in awe. (one of them I printed out and put on my bulletin board by my desk)

    So besides those two, I pick my mom. She loves Jesus soooooooooo much.

  • Charity_lemke

    Mary, a friend and 80 something year old woman from church. I could sit with her and listen to her tell stories all day, she is full of love and it can only come from Jesus! Her husband, who has now passed away, was in a health facility for about a year and a half. She would drive 45 minutes one way each and every day to be with him. She is so generous and compassionate.

  • Corrie_baker

    My friend Paula–the most humble, unselfish person I know–she oozes Jesus. She gives herself to others, doesn’t get worked up about much, and lives a simple life, quietly serving God. Spending time with her is always a refreshment for me.

  • Laura O

    My friend Frances oozes Jesus. Not by talking about Him all the time…but building every word around Him. Not by spending her whole life in prayer or reading her Bible…but having each step honour him. She oozes Jesus more than anyone I know and though her words speak loud, her life speaks loudest. 🙂

  • Kmkare

    My husband. He doesn’t talk Jesus; he just walks Jesus. He is always there for me and others – ALWAYS! More than I can hope to imitate. I love him.

  • Gail

    The person I know who just oozes Jesus is Janet , 70 yr old widow who serves Jesus with all her heart in our tiny harbourside Village. She transports many people to their doctor’s appointments, holds bible study in her home each week, gives blood, and has even had a homeless person share her home. One Thousand Gifts would go to Janet. I read Ann’s book which I got at the library and found it to be wonderful.

  • Beth Stedman

    I have been following Ann’s blog for a while and although I haven’t met her I have to completely agree that she “oozes Jesus” – I would SOOOO LOVE a copy of this book!

    Someone in my life who constantly oozes Jesus and calls me onward and upward closer to him is my dear friend, Tara. I have never met anyone who so deeply and whole heartedly loves God and longs to follow him. I have also never met anyone else who amidst that love for Jesus is willing to honestly and openly struggle with Him. There is just something truly beautiful about the authenticity of Tara’s walk with God and I am constantly inspired by her.

  • I only know of a few people that I can fully say “She oozes Jesus”, and one of them was the director of a very small girls’ Teen Challenge program in Utah, that our daughter was at for a year. Her name is Mary and every breath she takes she breathes Jesus. She glows with the Holy Spirit, and I love to just be around her.

  • Renagunther

    I really thought about this question. Didn’t want to be too quick to answer. Within seconds, a person I’ve only met via the internet, the blogosphere, came to mind. Her name is Donna Savill. She lives in Australia and can be found at her blog thirsty ( I only hope to meet her this side of eternity. However through the internet–blogging, email, facebook and even the postal system we’ve been connected. Donna always has a Biblical response to life’s downfalls and disappointments. Yet she oozes compassion and love. I see Jesus.

  • Diana

    My mom’s dear friend Ann, who was always, kindness, grace, and love to all around her!

  • Tishthedish

    I wish I oozed Jesus,….but I have a friend who did. Her name is Carol Reum. She is with the Lord now. Oh, how I miss her! She was the best Bible teacher I’ve known and of the best friends I’ve ever had. I wish she was here so we could read Ann’s book together. But, I know she’d say no to that. You see, there’s nothing better for her to be in the presence of the Lord! : )

  • Susan Even

    My friend, Theresa “oozes” Jesus and His Compassion. She came to the US from the Congo several years ago but felt compelled to go back each summer and rescue some of the young girls who are orphaned. She has a ministry called Theresa’s House there where these girls are given a chance to live in a safe, God-loving environment. They are given schooling, and the ones who are ‘aging-out’ are also given a chance to avoid falling into the hands of predators by getting technical training, etc. so that they can support themselves. Theresa is also a liason between others who have come from Africa and the local police department. You see, they don’t know that life is different here. Back in Africa, it was every person for himself and they are learning through Theresa’s help, to respect their neighbors, etc.

  • Tlc

    My pastor…he loves God with all his heart and people too. He is a great example of what it means to follow Christ.

  • Cheryl

    My friend Jan. She is a constant spirit of comfort, peace & love. She teaches, gives to and helps countless women through MOPs, bible study & every day moments. I feel so blessed to be touched by her life.

  • my mom in law, Di, oozes the love of jesus….

  • nataliehynson

    Oozes Jesus…I must say my 13 year son, Dylan, is the first I thought of. In fact, he oozes Jesus so much sometimes that I think he feels a bit lost in this world where “self” takes center stage. He hasn’t raised a million dollars for clean water or travled to other countries to help the poor with money he’s earned by delivering newspapers. He makes the same “teen-age” mistakes daily–testing the limits of His parents. But he LOVES people. He genuinly loves people–so much so that the “normal” teasings and antics of his peers are lost upon him. He doesn’t understand “ugliness” of any kind, and hurts when others are victims of it. There are times when I have looked in to his eyes and could see that he feels as if he doesn’t belong in this world; he just seems to know that we are all something so much better than ourselves allow us to be. And, to me, it’s there that we ooze Jesus. 🙂

  • grace

    hi thanks for the opportunity
    the person I know who oozes Jesus is me! and it’s you! when I’m walking in the spirit I’m oozing Jesus it’s that simple He made it that simple because He loves us sooooo much when I’m giving thanks showing grace walking in love obeying His word listening to His small still voice then I’m oozing Jesus because it’s no longer I that lives but Christ who lives in me and it’s wonderful amazing like I’m an observer watching Him work things of beauty in everyday life that I could never do but it’s my body, my mouth bringing life wherever I go It’s such an incredible adventure I ooze because HE oozes!!!!

  • liveoutgrace

    I am often amazed to, on most days, comprehend another bit of just how much God loves me when I think of who he has paired with me for this life journey. My husband has taught me about His grace…he has covered me in love undeservingly…he has provided gallons of grace for me to marinate in it when I would have not been able to give him the same. Through his heart-authored actions toward me, He has given me glimpses of Jesus…and it is humbling and sustaining.

  • Brittany

    Sarah Beth oozed Jesus. She was a young lady in my church that passed away from cancer about a year ago. She truly lived to bring glory to God, and no matter what she faced, including cancer, she sang praises to Jesus. She was thoughtful and caring, always putting others first.

  • MLJ

    My dear friend, Leslie, absolutely oozes and gushes the life of Jesus. She walks hand in hand with the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Jesus. She can barely say one sentence without referencing Jesus and His great love and the adventure of life with Him. She completely lavishes love on everyone she comes in contact with–so much like her Heavenly Father. Her joy is contagious and bring freedom. 🙂

  • CLE

    My friend Michelle passed away 23 years ago. She oozed Jesus over everyone she met. She touched so many lives in her 20 years and it continues today. My husband is a result of her witness and is now a pastor. Her mom speaks of people she meets at her work(a well known park in Orlando) that see her name tag and say, I knew someone with that same last name… turns out to be another story of someone Michelle’s life touched.

  • Richter4

    My friend, Laura, does this by her gracious, humble, kind and loving spirit. She desires to bring glory to Christ is all she does, and it shows!

  • I have a close friend who is raising support for fulltime missionary service. She served with the EFCA for 10 years in Eastern Europe, had to return home a few years ago for medical reasons and is now starting over. Her comittment and gentle way of sharing her faith is an inspiration. I’d love to gift her with a copy of this book as she is a writer, and I know she’d be blessed. Thanks.