All I Ever Have to Be

My friend Brewster likes to make fun of the old school Amy Grant albums that live on my iPhone. But I have no shame. Because every now and again, I need to go back and time and appreciate some tunes from another day. From a day where things seemed more simple. From a day when my innocence was equal parts enchanting and annoying.

Last Sunday as I made my way to church, I was having one of those days. One of those days where I wanted music to take me to another place, another time. So I started scrolling through the long list of artists in my iTunes.

Acceptance? No.
Adele? Hmmm. Nah.
Aimee Mann? Nope.
Air Supply? Not that either.
Amy Grant? Yes. I think I will.

I chose “The Collection” and hit shuffle.

Next thing I know my windows are down and I belting out the words to “All I Ever Have To Be.”

When the weight of all my dreams
Is resting heavy on my head,
And the thoughtful words of health and hope
Have all been nicely said.

But I’m still hurting,
Wondering if I’ll ever be
The one I think I am.

Then you gently re-remind me
That you’ve made me from the first,
And the more I try to be the best
The more I get the worst.

And I realize the good in me,
Is only there because of who you are.

And all I ever have to be
Is what you’ve made me.
Any more or less would be a step
Out of your plan.

As you daily recreate me,
Help me always keep in mind
That I only have to do
What I can find.

And all I ever have to be
Is what you’ve made me.

And I was struck by the truth in her words.

Yeah, read them again. They are good. Especially the bolded ones. They are words I need to hear over and over again. Until they sink in. Hopefully someday they will sick in.

Do you struggle with trying to be more than who you are? With trying to be more than who He created you to be?

Do you need to be reminded that “you only have to do what you can find”?

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Lindsey has a sincere love for her precious dogs Molly and Maisy, a good red wine and the Delta Sky Club.

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  • Ron Edmondson

    Air Supply….Some days…

    Good post

    • Love Air Supply…

      Confession: I was glad I didn’t have to go much further and reveal the artists in my iTunes. I would probably made fun of, more than I already do.

  • Amanda

    Old school Amy Grant is a ministry.

  • I have struggled for years with trying to be the person that I thought everyone else wanted me to be. A few years ago, I finally came to the realization that all I need to be is the person that God made me to be. It has been so freeing when I am living my life in light of this truth! I just wish I could live in light of this truth all the time but the old me likes to creep in and take me down that old familiar path of trying to be someone else …

  • Elizabeth

    Well, I doubt your friend Brewster is able to grasp the incredibly deep and insightful lyrics and music of Amy Grant’s early albums.
    Every now and then I’ll listen to one of the songs on the Collection album & tears come flowing down. She has a tremondous gift and thankful she shares it freely with others.
    Yes, I struggle with trying to be what the world demands I be and what Jesus Christ desires me to be. To me, a powerful phrase is:
    But I’m still hurting
    Wondering if I’ll ever be
    The one I think I am
    A word that comes to mind in while reading that song is Trust. …Do I trust in His plan for my life? Am I listening to His whisper?

  • I stare in the mirror and hear the voice of the enemy tell me I count for nothing. Thank you for the reminder I belong to Someone far greater.

  • B.


  • Love this.

    And I love that I’m not the only one who still has love for old school Amy Grant.

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  • Veronica

    I struggle to even know that I need to exist. It is hard for me to see why I am still here. Many days I wish I were gone.

  • Awesome! Thanks for sharing this, really needed to read it today.

  • This is something that I have been learning lately. I think that striving is one of the biggest curses in American Christianity. It is incredible what happens when we settle into our identity as children. We have grace then to live as we are, and know that God has promised to perfect our faith. We must only worry about the things that we “find”.

    Good thought Lindsey.

  • Yes, I do…because I’d like to think he created me to be more than an unemployed guy who is unable to find a job.

    • T Fickas

      Unemployment is hard; I’ve been through it. Remember that you are more in God’s eyes than an unemployed guy. Hang in there and keep trusting that God is working in your life even when it might not seem so.

  • Have loved this song forever. The message is such a good one. Especially “any more or less would be a step, out of Your plan.” So just want to be in the center of where ever He is.

  • Oh, and the song at the end where all the oldies are put together? The kids and I love singing along with that one. El Shaddai to Sing Your Praise to the Lord to I have Decided. Good stuff!

  • T Fickas

    Nothing to be ashamed of with liking the old school artists. I love that they bring back a time in my life when I was a younger Christian, just starting out. Sometimes it’s good to remember that time and to return to the childlike on-fire faith of the very early days.

    As I writer I sometimes find myself trying to be like other writers I admire. When the writing just doesn’t flow and work I eventually remember that God has called me to be me, not someone else. He can’t use me if I’m trying to be someone else.

    C. McNair Wilson often tells the groups he speaks and writes to, “If you don’t do you, you won’t get done and creation will be incomplete.”

    Thanks, Lindsey, for always being so open in your posts. They often cause me to re-evaluate my own life and motives.

  • Anonymous

    I bought a necklace the other day to remind me of this. It’s beautiful and says “I am enough.” Three little words to help me remember that I am as He created me. Enough for Him. I don’t need to be anything more than what He created me to be.