Bringing Whimsy Back

Yesterday I had the opportunity to have a conversation with Bob Goff. (Okay there were 600 people in The Crystal Ballrom with me at Q Conference but it felt like an intimate conversation.) If you don’t follow Bob on twitter, you should. The man knows how to use 140 characters. He is encouraging and…whimsical.

It seems whimsy is Bob’s thing. I don’t know about you but I am in desperate need of some whimsy in my life. And Bob not only preaches it, he exudes it. As he spoke yesterday, I looked around the room and everyone was leaning forward with goofy smiles on their faces, completely spellbound.

Bob believes love is an anecdote for all sorts of evil….whether you have a strategy or not. He does not believe in creating giant systems or non-profits. He believes God uses unlikely people, using their unique gifts to engage people. He believes in creating wow moments that serve as entry points. And he believes that once we can show people the love of Jesus, then the conversations turn.

In closing he shared, “Whimsy metastasizes in the most wonderful way.”

And after seeing Bob’s life and the influence it is having on the world, I completely agree.

Do you have enough whimsy in your life?

Be sure to be on the lookout for Bob Goff’s book which will be released by Thomas Nelson next year.


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  • I have to confess I have no idea what ‘whimsy’ is?

  • April Walker

    oh how i love bob goff AND whimsy!!

  • We’re working on adding more whimsy to our lives. We’ve been planning for almost a year to raise chickens, and we have a flock of nine 5 week old chicks we’re raising. Apparently that seems like a whimsical thing to most people. 🙂 Whimsy for us now, is the the two ducklings we semi-spontaneously added to our flock last week. 🙂 They’re so much fun and if we were allowed to keep more within city limits we would.

    I wasn’t raised with whimsy, and my personality MUCH prefers plans made first. But recently we’ve been trying to live a better story and to be more whimsical and I’ve discovered it’s REALLY fun! To say, “Hey you know what would be cool…?”, and then doing it! (or trying to do it)

    I wish I could hear Bob Goff speak in person – and it would be even more amazing to spend an afternoon with him. He has such contagious joy!

  • i doubt that very many people do have enough. heading to follow him on twitter now 🙂

  • As someone who works with cancer patients, it’s interesting to see the word “metastasized” in a positive way. Whimsy metastasizing in our lives…spreading, infiltrating, and all for our greater good. What a powerful image!

  • I can’t wait for this book. I first discovered Bob in Don Miller’s “Million Miles” book and was blown away by his personality. I can’t imagine what he might be like in person. I have heard him talk about scheming in whimsical ways, which is refreshing and makes me smile

  • I have never met Bob, but I have read his tweets. I wonder how he became so whimisical? Is it how he grew up? Is it phis personality? Did he choose to include whimsy in his life?

  • Oh! I needed that reminder today for failing to be whimsy in my life. Thinking that I should change myself a lot for better.

  • DanielCWhite

    I dig Whimsy BTW!

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