The Voyage of Celebrity Century

On Thursday evening I returned from almost a week at sea with a crew of dear friends, several dozen like-minded acquaintances scattered throughout North America, a rested body, mind, and spirit, and the inevitable sneaky pounds affixed to my mid-section (If only there was a “Gain It” app, I could have killed it on this trip.)

Admittedly I left on the brink of burn-out. 2011 has me…reeling.

And the Recreate Cruise, on the aforementioned Celebrity Century, was just what the doctor ordered.

5 days of sun and sea, food and drink, entertainment and rest, challenging ideas and encouragement. And 5 days of what I needed most, an opportunity to disconnect and silence all the noise that has taken over my everyday.

(Friends, here is where I tell you that I will be THE FIRST person to sign-up for the 2012 Recreate Cruise. Randy and Chris Elrod were phenomenal hosts. And the speakers, Pete Wilson, Michael Hyatt, and Ken Davis each delivered thought-provoking messages that spoke right to my heart. And the other attendees, well, they were not creepy at all. They were beautiful, honest, and passionate. I think you should go ahead and start saving RIGHT NOW so you can join me as we float someplace fabulous next Spring. You will not regret it.)

The Voyage of Celebrity Century was everything I could ask for in a vacation…and more.

But it was just that. An epic vacation. A temporary escape from the hustle and bustle of real life. A time-out to catch my breathe and recharge smack dab in an emotionally draining round.

From time to time as I watched the ocean rock and sipped on my mudslide, I was haunted by my subconscious.

This is not real. This is not life. This is comfortable. Real comfortable. But this is not what I have called you to. Rest up, so when this vacation ends, as it inevitably will, you are refreshed, renewed, and ready for battle.

And so I heeded its warning. I soaked the experience up. So I could come back with a renewed focus on fighting the good fight.

“I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” 2 Timothy 4:7

What is the most relaxing and refreshing vacation you’ve ever been on? Was it hard to come home…to reality?

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Lindsey has a sincere love for her precious dogs Molly and Maisy, a good red wine and the Delta Sky Club.

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  • Anonymous

    I feel you. I needed the break and a complete departure from my normal life. This cruise helped me keep my sanity. I was convicted to do that more often (once a year). I always wait until I’m nearing insanity to get away. I need to be more preventative and take more vacations away from my normal life.

    I came home and went back to work on Monday. I can honestly say all hell broke out. If this had happened before the cruise, I’d be unemployed now. I would have walked away. I do need to find a new job but I’m refreshed enough to hang in there until I get another job.

  • A few years ago after surviving what I called “My Black October” I took a Much needed long weekend and booked into a luxury cabin at a caravan park a few hours north. I read, slept, watched DVD’s, relaxed in a spa bath and walked on the beach. It was awesome! It wsa just what I need – peace, quiet, away from life and being by myself for a few days.

    Often cost can hinder us from taking time out, but, as I discovered, cabins at caravan parks can offer a cheap and relaxing get away 🙂

  • This cruise ranks pretty high on my “refreshing and relaxing” list. Then about an hour after we walked in the door, we were right back out it, taking our daughter to the ER with a broken finger. The thing is, the chaos of “real life” would have happened anyway, but I was much better able to handle that ER visit having just been refreshed on the cruise.

  • Just last week I went to Washington D.C. with my family. It was relaxing and refreshing just as you said, but it scared me. Apparently I work so much that I struggle to know what to do with my family for 24 – 7 for 7 straight days. It got my attention. I loved being with them and I am afraid that I am missing out.

    • Wow…I bet that was eye-opening. So glad you got away!

  • It’s hard to come home, especially when you have to buy lunch and fix your own meals. This was one of the best cruises that I have been on. Definitely the most creative! Unfortunately when I woke up at midnight last night, there were no ice carvings or midnight buffet. Arrrgh.

  • I am so glad you got a little R&R. Sounds like an awesome time! As a single girl, I sometimes forget that I’m not the energizer bunny, and I cannot keep going and going and going. I’m trying to be more intentional this year about taking time to recharge.

    It’s tough because I don’t have a husband or kids holding me accountable to that or planning vacations with me. I have friends and family that encourage me to do that, but they also do their own thing with their own families. That seems odd saying that as a single I do potentially have more time to do that, but it just doesn’t happen enough. I find myself filling up my calendar with more things I can do, rather than just times to be.

    So, that cruise in 2012 is sounding all the more inviting. So, thank you!

    • I really struggle with that too. I do think that being single causes us to go more, do more, work more. We, or I at least, need to take better care of ourselves.

      Seriously…you should plan on it. It would be a blast!

  • The most relaxing vacations are when I am in Florida just laying by the beach soaking up rays. I always hate coming home. Everything is so much more exciting on vacation. And Florida beaches are so much better than Indiana cornfields.

  • My wife looks hot in all of these pictures 🙂

  • Lindsey….

    A’mon…. 🙂 Thank you for the gift of rest, rejuvenation and friendship! I will cherish my time with you, Brandi and Pete on this “Epic” vacation! I’m thankful to be able to come home and “fight the good fight” together! Love you!!!


    • or Hey Mon?

      Lots of love. Bet you are missing me a lot this week!

  • Beautiful post!! I love it. My most relaxing vacation was a month in Italy. It was a dream come true!!

  • My most relaxing and refreshing vacation I ever had was a cruise last January. I was feeling burned out and I needed a break. I looked for the cheapest vacation that would meet all my needs and that led me to a cruise. I didn’t care where it was going as long as it was sunny. 🙂 I absolutely loved it! I was unplugged for 5 days and I came back rejuvenated and refreshed. At the end I was ready to come home.

  • Katiesplinter

    I went on a ministry trip to the UK last year and at the end of the week we spent 2 days in London where I completely checked out (no Facebook, iPhone, twitter – only skype with my husband)… and I heard those same words “rest up”… it’s the best experience I can name of literally soaking up every minute of 48 hours… cause I knew it wasnt long before I had to continue fighting.