“Mentoring America’s Fatherless”

John Sowers, The Mentoring Project

The Mentoring Project is an advocacy and training organization that serves as a liaison between faith communities and matching agencies to provide mentors for fatherless youth.

Fatherless youth are the engine that is driving a lot of society’s problems (gang violence, teenage pregnancy, etc.). We must see the bigger picture of fatherlessness. And we need to open our eyes to the orphans that are in our communities.

How do we respond to a culture crying out to need the love and acceptance of our fathers?

We have to hear it. We need to mourn with those who mourn. We must see the burden and the opportunity.

Mentoring can mean so many things. For The Mentoring Project, it is about reaching the fatherless youth. They focus on boys because that is where the largest need is. They believe in building relational capital.  They partner with churches for implementation.

Base mentoring on 3 Biblical principles:

  1. Love – What does it mean to love a kid that you have just met? Rejection is the central defining characteristic of the fatherless generation. They know rejection more than they know love. Acceptance and presence is the remedy to that. Love is as simple as showing up. This is also central to Christianity. “I will be with you.” We know God’s love because we know He is with us.
  2. Model – We model Christ with integrity and sincerity. Integrity can be intimidating. Sincerity feels attainable. Sincerity makes you vulnerable and approachable.
  3. Coach – Coach with grace and truth. Speaking words of truth and changing their destinies.

We are an Esau generation longing for the blessing of our father. But our fathers are gone.

How do you define mentoring?

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  •  Love is important. Being a good model and coach is ineffective without love. Nobody will listen.

  • Propelled into single parenting against my will, seeing my sons’ father hunger devastated my heart. Each time a date showed up at the door, my son’s would propose marriage. Once I asked my six-year-old why he asked every guy he met to marry me, he said, “I just want someone’s shoulders to ride on.”

  •  A two way relationship that is based off of trust and encouragement. A place where you are allowed to grow, be pushed, and know that you have an advocate 

  • Mentoring involves a whole bunch of empathy. As an advocate for abused children – I think this is the most important thing you can offer to someone who has been though extremely painful life circumstances. Extending grace, empathy, encouragement – and truly understanding one’s story is essential. A Mentor can then begin to meet that child or whomever it may be where they are and give them a solid view of healthy living. Many (not all) children who are being mentored have never had a healthy view of anything really…..

  • Mentoring is the process of helping people realize their God-given identity and living into it. Thanks for sharing this, Lindsey. Great questions!