Patiently, Hopefully, Expectantly!

This poem by J. Danson Smith was a part of my daily read from Streams in the Desert yesterday.

Waiting! Yes, patiently waiting!
Till next steps made plain shall be;
To hear, with the inner hearing,
The Voice that will call for me.

Waiting! Yes, hopefully waiting!
With hope that need not grow dim;
The Master is pledged to guide me,
And my eyes are unto Him.

Waiting! Expectantly waiting!
Perhaps it may be today
The Master will quickly open
The gate to my future way.

Waiting! Yes, waiting! still waiting!
I know, though I’ve waited long,
That while He withholds His purpose,
His waiting cannot be wrong.

Waiting! Yes, waiting! still waiting!
The Master will not be late;
He knoweth that I am waiting
For Him to unlatch the gate.

It makes me wonder, how am I waiting?

Patiently? Hopefully? Expectantly? Faithfully?

Or Anxiously? Fearfully? Timidly? Angrily?

The truth is that we are all waiting for someone or something. Whether we find ourselves waiting for love or adventure, for life or death, for this world to stop suffering or to herald His triumphant return. We are all waiting.

Patiently! Hopefully! Expectantly! Faithfully! May that be our  prayer and posture.

How are you waiting?

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  • Thanks for the reminder, Linds. All too often I am anxious, angry, frustrated and antsy. Rarely, resting. Rarely trusting. Rarely waiting with grace. 

  •  I’d like to say calmly and patiently but honestly, it’s fearfully.  I constantly play the  “what if” game in my mind.  I catastrophize and plot out how things will go in the future so I’m not surprised by any outcome.  And constantly look at my watch waiting on God to show up exactly when I want him too!  I am working on waiting on God with peace and certainty that He is in constant control and is perfect!

  • bethanyplanton

     I know I don’t wait well. This poem and your post is definitely a great reminder to work on waiting more patiently, hopefully, expectantly, and faithfully. 

  • Lina

    I read that yesterday too and I swear we have parallel minds! Yesterday I also almost blogged about boy/girl friendships and while mulling it over saw ur post! Are you living in my brain?

  • In the Hebrew, patience means slow to anger. In
    the Greek, patience can mean, to be of a long spirit, not to lose heart, and to
    persevere patiently and bravely in enduring misfortunes and troubles.


    As a writer, I wait faithfully by writing every
    day and trusting God to know when and where He will open doors. The challenge
    is: Will I be faithful? When discouraged, faithfully exercising my passion and
    calling inspirits expectancy and hope.


    Why do we tend to focus on the things we lack? Sometimes
    the 24/7 pressure of loneliness or having to do everything myself stings,
    inducing tears. Telling a heart-connected friend somehow relieves the burden. Most
    days, I don’t allow myself to project out: What if I’m still single five, ten,
    fifteen years from now? Projecting out makes me feel panicky, scared, miserable,
    depressed, and ruins today.


    On most days I love the peace and freedom I enjoy
    as a single. I’m content and happy when I focus on and am grateful for today’s joys
    and opportunities. And for me, gratitude for my blessings defines daily

  • Thanks for the reminder. I have been clinging to  Romans 8:25 – But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently. I’m not very good at being patient but I’m trying.