What Do You Appreciate Most About Your Church?

Today, like many Sundays, I was struck with an incredible sense of thankfulness for my church. I know that there are hundreds, thousands, millions, of great churches out there, but for now, Cross Point is the right fit for me.

I know that you probably feel the same way, and that’s why I would love to hear what you appreciate most about your church. One of the things I love most about the Christian Church at large is how we all have different traditions, different methods, and different pastors, but  worship the same great big God.

Well, anyway, here is what I appreciate most about Cross Point:

We have an unusual pastor in Pete Wilson. Every time he shares a message, it is evident that he is still fighting the good fight. He doesn’t have it all figured out. (Praise the Lord.) He is actively struggling to be the man God created him to be. He is learning and battling with the rest of us. He is real, approachable, and graceful. Under his leadership, a staff, and a congregation, model “going first” so that others can see the powerful ways that God redeems our stories and our brokenness.

There are other things I love…The community. The friendships. The support. The coffee. The creative energy. The worship (except when they make us “roar” like lions). But if I had to say what I appreciate the most, it’s how Pete fosters an environment of authenticity.

Where do you go to church? And what do you appreciate most about it?


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  •  We “go” to church in our home.  Except we call it being church…and it happens every day.   On Sundays, we usually attempt to make a more formal expression of our faith with a shared worship time and a specific “lesson” for our kids.  We have other friends who join us, and it looks a little different each time.

    I’m not sure it’s a forever type of deal, but it’s been an incredible time of learning.  My favorite part of my church is that I can’t get away from it.  I’m constantly surrounded by it and encouraged to live it.  It’s pretty powerful.

    • Lindsay, Love it! Can I ask what prompted you to pursue a “home church”? I have several acquaintances who do something similar but I’ve never thought to ask the why. 

      •  Hmm…I apologize in advance for the fact that this comment will probably more closely resemble an independent blog post.  ( I would just post a reply post, but I think my readers are sick of hearing about home church.)  🙂

        Okay, I suppose I should start by saying we didn’t pursue home church.  One year ago, the most tragic and betraying event of our lives occurred, and we made the decision to leave our home church.  Our hearts were broken, and we sought counseling.  We also visited churches, some seriously, for six months.

        During that time, we came to realize how much we had been relying on church attendance and church involvement as the barometers of our faith.  It literally almost makes me sick to my stomach to type that sentence.  Once we had been removed from our church, there was very little else to give evidence of our relationship with God.  There were no people coming after us, saying, “Wait!  Wait!  God was using you in my life!  Where did you go??”

        We decided to take some time away from traditional church to focus on our relationship with God and to study what the Church is actually supposed to be.  Needless to say, our thoughts and beliefs and faith were all turned up. side. down.

        Amazingly, incredibly, wonderfully…

        We found deeper faith, more authentic community, and a new found commitment to loving God and living love.  It changed our lives.  Like I said above, we can’t get away from church now.  And we prefer it that way!  🙂

        We’re not sure that we’ll always be church in this way, but we don’t feel like we’ve been called to anything else at this time.  We know that we need to get firmly grounded in *being* the Church before we ever try to get real excited about *going* to church again…it would be too easy to fall back into old habits, and we don’t wanna go back there.

        I’ll admit that it feels lonely sometimes.  Meeting weekly (or more) with six people feels quite different than meeting weekly with hundreds.  And there are plenty of people out there who tell us that what we’re doing isn’t “real” or “right.”  That can be discouraging.

        But we’re seeing fruit…in our own lives and in others’ lives.  So, for now, we’re confident that this is where God has placed us.

  • Hisloverevealed

    You are blessed! This is the kind of church my husband & I long to be apart of

  • I started going to Cross Point a few months ago. I’ve been raised in church and I’m a PK, but went through a real, dark valley and stopped going to church. I agree with you on how they leadership doesn’t hide the fact that they are still figuring it out and they are honest about their feelings and failures.  

  • Anonymous

     Crosspoint is pretty awesome, for sure. Love Pete. If I were in Nashville I have no doubt I”d be there. 

    What I love about my church is it’s willingness to grow and mature, going deeper despite its doubling in size in the three years I’ve been there. When we first arrived, it felt very very seeker friendly and we weren’t sure it was for us. Last year we spent an entire year marching through the book of Isaiah and it was amazing. 

    I also love how missional they are. In our insanely affluent community they are constantly putting the needy, the poor, the broken in front of us and calling for us to let God bother us and push us out of our comfort zones. When the worship pastor decided to adopt, a whole orphan/adoption ministry was started and within six months there are 7 families in the process of adopting…and that will grow. 

    The music is great too 🙂

    • Sarah, Sounds like you are very blessed with a great church. 

  •  My church is Christ Fellowship in McKinney, TX and I’m blessed to be a part of such an incredible community of believers. We are led by a senior pastor, Bruce Miller, who is an awesome example of meekness. Our church is:
    All Welcome – People of Grace
    All Real – People who are Authentic
    All Bible – People guided by the Word
    All In – People who hold nothing back
    All Together – People who unite to make a difference

  • Pete

    Wow! Humbled by your kind words. It’s an amazing privilege to get to serve at Cross Point.

  • Jenny ecklund

    I also am apart of a “non-traditional” kind of church. I worship,teach, serve, have community with a wonderful group of people from Mission Arlington. http://www.missionmetroplex.org. For the last 25 years they’ve been planting churches in lower income apartment complexes throughout my city and have expanded to two other cities in the metroplex. Some of us worship in churches planted and apart of the mission, others in motels, and many in apartments. Then we all come to together sunday afternoon and worship together as leaders, missionaries, volunteers, and church members. Throughout the week we meet the physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial needs of our people. We have a dental clinic and medical clinic, we collect clothes and food, we help pay rent and electric, and if someone needs a ride there’s someone for that too. 

    I love that about my church. I love how i never know who i’ll be sharing the gospel with when im out on property, and i love when we all gather together and worship and share what the Lord has done in our individual communities. It’s simple. We don’t have bright lights, or electric guitars… its just simple people, going and telling simple people, about the simple Love that saved them. It’s beautiful. 

  • Mark Newton

    Well said Lindsey. The qualities you describe are so important in a Christian leader.

    I attend Church of the Apostles in Atlanta. What I appreciate about our pastor, Michael Youssef, is his unwavering desire to preach from the Word of God. Also, as I’ve gotten to know him over the last 12 years, I see how amazingly humble he is and how much he desires salvation for the lost.

    Thanks for your writings. Keep it up.


  •  The thing I love most about my church is that I’m known.  It’s also sometimes the thing I dislike most about it, especially when they have to tell me when I’m being stupid ;-D

    I just love it that we like spending time together, whether we’re just hanging out on a Friday night or whether we’re baking cookies for the nursing homes.  We enjoy each other and we enjoy learning more and more about each other so we can go out and serve better.

    • I like that about Cross Point to. It is so wonderful to be known. I think it is something we all crave.  

  • Ashley

    We sat next to each other during one of the sessions at Orphan Summit (my friend is Lindsey at this grand life). I attend Portico Church  (www.theportico.com) What I love about it is how intentional they are about community, doing life together and actually BEING the church. We’re a church plant only about 2-3 years old and have about 80 people that attend on Sunday nights. Tonight, we had a pancake supper to raise money for our trip to rwanda (leaving next week!) and people gave $600! They gave almost the same amount a few months earlier at another dinner fundraiser. I’ve also seen firsthand as community has stepped up to walk with each other in the hard times.

    • Sounds like a wonderful community, Ashley. Have a great trip to Rwanda! 

  • Cyndi

    I love that it is both my safe spot and my stretching place. I love how my pastor makes me want to do better, love better, know God better. I love how we are all so very imperfect but we are together in the imperfection walking forward together.  I love that I am challenged every day (I work at my church). I am so very blessed.

  • Ron Edmondson

    I love the people who support the church…and pastor… so passionately…people like you!

  •  I love that it is fairly small, but with a BIG heart!

  •  Everything that you just said…couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. 

  • bethanyplanton

     My list is pretty similar to yours. I attend a church called Commonway here in Indiana. I love the community, worship, sermons, and missions my church has. I also love that is has a community focus rather than a program focus. I am convinced church programs drain a church faster than anything else. 

  • At this time we are without a church here in rural Latvia. I have had the privilege to serve in many churches over the years and authenticity is the number one must-have on my list. I have been in a church of 20 and a church of 10,000 and many in between and authenticity still gets my vote coupled with a praying pastoral couple.

  •  Your reasons for attending cross point sound very similar to why I attend my church.  I attend a church called Green Bay Community.  What I love about it is my pastor, Tory Murphy,  is he is  humble, down to earth, shares his story of successes and failures but has a way of challenging my thinking and pushing us to be better people.  He also is all about what is best for the big church.  Doing things like allowing a struggling church to hold services in our building, while we are meeting and enouraging us to support them.  It is about the kingdom not about our church.  It is a wonderful place!

  • Sara

    I go to Saint James and I appreicate most that it is a community of people who are committed to loving each other and helping each other grow closer to God. It is a community that recognizes that we are all in process and that we have all made mistakes, but that God’s grace is big enough to cover all, and his power is sufficient to change us. 

  • Patsybaker

    My husband and I recently left a very large church we were actively involved in to follow God and pursue opportunities in a ministry where we could be as much involved, but maybe be more effective.  We loved the church we were in, and we have visited 6 churches and think we’ve found our new home.  There is something love about each of them.   We visited one in Boston on vacation that had reggae worship.  LOVED IT! But locally we have loved a church that has biker parking front and center.  More leather and tattoos than you’d see at Harley Davidson.  We have loved a church that rocks their worship.  We have loved a church that worshiped with acoustics.  We have loved a church that let a 22 year old young man preach his first sermon and it was a Frances Chan knockoff we he proudly admitted to.  I guess I say this because I love the church, the body of believers, anyone who loves and follows Jesus I can love.  But mostly we love the biker church and rock worship and the acceptance of everyone.  We have heard three different preachers, and they all brought it.  (I listen to Pete Wilson on line and agree with you).

  • brandiandboys

    this post is so incredibly sweet… thank you for your kind words about cp and pete.

    your roaring comment made me laugh out loud! 😉

  • Rawr!

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