10 Lessons I Have Learned

The countdown is on. I only have two more days of work at Thomas Nelson. {I know. I know. I am a little in shock about the whole thing too.} I thought it would be fitting to write about some of the things I have learned the last four years, so here you go:

1. I don’t know as much as I think I do. BUT I am capable of more than I can possibly imagine. Michael Hyatt shared this awhile back. I have never believed it more than I do right now.

2. People would much rather follow a person than a brand. Customers are skeptical. They want to know the who and why much more than they want to know the what.

3. Change is inevitable. It’s a lot easier to embrace it than fight it. And don’t get too settled in your new reality, more change is coming. It’s the one thing you can count on.

4. Relationship before opportunity. I learned this one from my friends at Catalyst. They live it out well. Invest in people first. Pour into them without giving a second thought to what they can do for you.

5. Books and events change people. They really do. When I look back on my own life and see the catalyst for change and transformation, I usually find a book I’ve read or an event I’ve attended. And I am thankful to have heard hundreds of stories of how people have been inspired by Thomas Nelson books and live events.

6. Surround yourself with people you would want to emulate. It’s truer than we admit. We are shaped by those we surround ourselves with. So I surround myself with great people.

7. Social media brings people together. If I had never worked at Thomas Nelson, for Michael Hyatt, I am pretty sure I would be a social media skeptic. But instead I have witnessed first-hand how it brings people from around the world with common interests together. It has revolutionized my thinking, and my relationships.

8. Set a goal. Share it with others. Live with intention. You don’t drift into real accomplishment.

9. Control is the greatest of all illusions. Pete Wilson shared this awhile back. And this is probably the single greatest thing I’ve learned in the last six months. The good news is once this truth is realized, a huge weight is lifted off our backs.

10.  Security and comfort are over-rated. I am in a place in life where I want to be, scratch that, where I NEED to be, stretched. I am ready to live a life that’s a little uncomfortable.

What lessons are you learning right now?

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Lindsey has a sincere love for her precious dogs Molly and Maisy, a good red wine and the Delta Sky Club.

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  • I’m learning that being marketable is less important that glorifying God. He’s going to put all the pieces together. He just asks that we’re faithful to Him and trust in His direction. 

    God’s blessings on you, Lindsey. It sounds like you’re headed for a really great adventure! I look forward to hear what He does with your life.

  • So powerful and challenging.

  • God has been teaching me to be faithful in the small things.  We all want to do good things for God, but we have to be faithful in the little things first.  And a lot of times the things that end up being big for His kingdom are done by someone who faithfully does little things over many years.  Anyways, I just wrote that b/c you asked about what God was teaching us. This is about You and the great faith you are demonstrating.  Good for you.  You are being a great example.  Dear Lord, will you bless Lindsey in a powerful and tangible way over the next few months as she is making this transition.  Help her to feel your hand guiding her.  Amen.

  • That you never know who is watching so work hard and trust God

  • Awesome.  All great stuff.  I appreciate you sharing.  Love watching and hearing the stories of those who walk by faith.  Praying for your journey…

  • Jeff47

    I love the relationship one! So true 🙂

  • I like 10. And I am learning #5, too, much to my dismay. And, #7, too, I guess. Man, can I just steal this list?

  • I like #8, but sometimes I wonder about sharing goals.  Donald Miller made a good point about how sometimes sharing goals takes the punch out of them–as if you’ve already accomplished it.  Great post!

    • Yeah, I have heard him say that before too. I wonder? Maybe it just depends on the person? Maybe you just need to share them with a small audience? But I definitely need to give my goals a voice.

    • Yeah, I have heard him say that before too. I wonder? Maybe it just depends on the person? Maybe you just need to share them with a small audience? But I definitely need to give my goals a voice.

      • yea, you’re probably right.  somehow I tend to think if I verbalize them, they won’t happen.  or that people will think that I am full of pride or too ambitious or something. 

  • I am so living #10 right now; have been for the last 8 months. It’s a walk of faith every single day. #1,3,4,5, 6–darn, I can relate to all of this!

    The whole social media thing (#7), I’m learning. I agree that it brings people together, but how far those relationships can evolve in such a one dimensional medium is still a question in my mind. I wonder if truly relational individuals can find authentic friendships without the other dimensions of human communication–eye contact, body language, verbal conversation. I’m open to finding out how this goes.

    Thanks–great post. All the best in your future endeavors, and congratulations for following your heart!

    • I agree with you on the questions about social media. I have been fortunate to take a lot of my friendships offline. So although that is where we made our first connection, in a lot of case, it now has evolved into something much more.

      • That’s exactly my point, thank you. There are connections I’ve made with creatives online that I would like to take offline because that’s the only way they’ll evolve–with face time. These people are fascinating to me, I love their stories, but something’s missing until you get them in 3-D.

  • Awesome post, Lindsey. Love your wisdom. [insert furious note-taking here]

  • Anonymous

    This is one of my favorites of yours, Lindsey. I hope you keep writing like this… Please do.

  • Lindsey great lessons! I am learning many of the same – ESPECIALLY the one about CONTROL!!!  That is hard for me.  My mind is half attorney and half creative. I am always fighting within myself to let go and to hold on for dear life and control all that I can.  This list reminds me to seek God and ask him to give me the strength to be teachable – then lessons can be learned!

    • I think it also important to find the time to be reflective. I would have never realized all the things I had learned if I hadn’t made myself write this post. 🙂

  • Lanny tweeted about this today and I gave it a read.  GREAT STUFF!  2 and 10 hit me like a box of rocks today.  Glad I read it!  Thanks.  

  • Loved this post! Thanks for sharing! I’ve enjoyed following your journey and I am excited to see where God takes you! It’s going to be awesome! 

  • Filtertechinc

    Thanks for sharing, # 9 has changed my life. I am a new small business owner and have realized how much I don’t have control of business things, but can control my attitude and how I share it with others.

  • Neil @ Looking Towards Home

    4, 6 & 7 🙂

    I started a blog this year and had no idea about how it would lead to actual relationships with kindred spirits, people who do things better than I do and the opportunity to focus on others first!
    Thanks for sharing!