{The Hustle of Programming}

Wisdom Brewster Laid Down at Echo

Programming is really about planning, preparing and executing great ideas to create atmosphere. Hustle is not about how we work, it’s about how we approach our work. Hustle is a mindset one embraces. It’s doing whatever it takes and refusing to accept excuses or hinderance from allowing us to do the things we have been made to do.

Why does programming matter?

At Cross Point, we want to create an atmosphere where our communicators can win every time they stand up.

Here’s our process:

Meet and review what needs to happen {big picture} over the next 12 months.

2 Vision Series, 4 Regular Series, 1 Summer Series, 1 Christmas, 1 Easter.

Then break it into Series View.

Work one series out. The first filter we have is to not be safe. How can we stretch, grow and experiment?

Our competition is not other churches. It is the NFL, the ML, the couch, and the lake. We have to create environments that distinguish themselves from the clutter.

“If content is king, context is God.” Gary Vaynerchuk

Then comes the fun part. Brainstorming ideas. Executing a creative meeting.

Find creative ways to make your creative meetings…creative.

Use the 3 Doors method.
1st door – Large group comes prepared with a lot of ideas.
2nd door – Small team with a lot of trust. Ideas are edited and fleshed out.
3rd door – Pitch ideas to communicators.

Don’t be safe. Be original. Try to challenge the systems in your space.

And always think through the 5 different venues you have to present a concept. How can you present a concept from stage, in print, on web, through social, and virally?

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