Being in the Presence

I’m in one of those weeks where my thoughts, my fears, my plans, my memories, and my prayers are fluttering around in my head so frantically that I am not quite sure how to untangle them. Each morning, I’ve slowly gotten out of bed, put one foot in front of the other, checked things off my seemingly endless list of to-dos, and done my best to avoid the “hot mess” that is my head.

But unfortunately Catalyst asked me to put together some thoughts on the theme for their Atlanta event, “Be Present.” So here I sat, staring at my blank white “edit post” screen, cautiously trying to make some sense of my jumbled thoughts and scanning the web for procrastination, or perhaps a touch of inspiration, when I stumbled upon this beautiful post from Amber Haines after discovering her 19-day-old son Titus has a small whole in his heart.

The presence of God is a riptide, and I do want to go under – thanksgiving, awe, love, and fear intermingle only there with truth and peace.

Let it be said of me that I knew I wasn’t in control. Let it be said that I threw my hands in the air, took the free-fall and found my joy deep in His mysterious river.

“Even though I walk through [hospital hallways (not to mention my insanely vivid imagination,)][the craziness of a cross-country move][enter what you are walking through here] I fear no evil, for You are with me.” (Psalm 23:4)

May we all BE PRESENT to this Truth. May we all discover the presence of God. May we all embrace the riptide.

And don’t forget The Catalyst Early Bird Deadline is tomorrow! Don’t Miss it – BE PRESENT.

I will BE PRESENT in my new role with Project 7 and I hope to see you all there. It is going to be an incredible event.

Call 888.334.6569 or go here to register:


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  • Charles Lee

    Congrats on your new role with Project7 🙂 I know Tyler is excited.

  • Excited for you, Lindsdey, and thanks for the reminder to BE PRESENT. With two small children and exciting ministry things about to  happen (a book!), it’s easy to BE AHEAD of where I am. But I have NOW, and I don’t want to miss it. Praying for you in your transition, and thankful as always for sharing yourself with us!

  • This really speaks to me today, Lindsey. I was reading Tozer’s “The Pursuit of God” this week and he wrote about how we are like Jacob — we sadly don’t often realize that God is present. We are so caught up in stuff that we forget that God … is … here. Jacob felt God’s presence and cried out in wonder: “Surely the Lord is in this place; and I knew it not.”

    May you sense God’s strong and abiding presence as you prepare. Blessings to you, dear heart.

  • Two things: 1. Beautiful. This is perfect and MUCH needed. 2. I will be present, both in the truth and in ATLANTA!!! Hollaaaa!!

    • I will be there too! Maybe we should room together… oh wait, we already are! 😉