My Sweet Molls

Five years ago almost to the day, I got Molly as an early 30th birthday gift. I had been debating a dog but could never seem to pull the trigger. So the boy I was dating at the time pulled it for me. Molly was 4 months old with a shiny black and white coat and a head cock that could melt your heart in two-seconds flat. Unfortunately, she was a terrible puppy. A truly terrible puppy.

Almost everyday she did the unthinkable, she peed in her sacred space, her big black wire kennel. I’d rush home from work excited to bond only to find her bouncing around in a puddle of her urine. I’d have to toss her in the sink, bathe her, and towel her dry. Not to mention a thorough scrub down of the kennel and the utility room. It wasn’t just the peeing that made her so terrible. She was a barker. She was a jumper. And she got into everything. She especially loved to shred paper so it was quite convenient that I worked for a bookstore chain and had lots of books around for her to make into piles of worthless confetti.

I seriously debated getting rid of her. She wreaked havoc on my life those first few months. The boy who had given her to me didn’t stick around. But Molly did. And she bloomed into the best dog that ever existed. Ask anyone who has met her. Molly is the absolute best. {I am pretty sure as we pulled out of town last week, she left a bigger whole in the heart of Nashville than I ever could.}

A year later I was offered a new job in a new town. So I packed up my life and my dog and headed to Nashville. I will never forget snuggling up with Molls in my empty Sylvan Park apartment as we waited for the moving vans to arrive. We were going to tackle this adventure together.

And here I am today, 4 years later ready embarking on another adventure. Only this time it seemed selfish to force her to suffer through the turmoil of the transition. So I left sweet Molly with my parents for a month or two so I can get settled before adding a dog into the mix.

Leaving her this morning was absolutely brutal. It wreaked havoc on my heart like none of my other goodbyes. I know that she is in great hands. She will be living the high life with long walks, playful scuffles with my parents’ maltese Lily, and of course bountiful trips to the lake and the pet spa.

It is me that I worry about. Molly is my partner in crime. Molly is my alarm system. Molly is who I talk to so I don’t have to admit that I talk to to myself. And Molly is the warm body that lays her head on my crook of my leg as I settle down to sleep reminding me that I am not alone.

So can I ask you to pray for me as I embark on this journey without the comfort of my sweet pup?

And will you share with me a little about your favorite four-legged friend?



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Lindsey has a sincere love for her precious dogs Molly and Maisy, a good red wine and the Delta Sky Club.

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  • Praying for you…I know God will show up for you in ways you don’t expect!

  • Darn it! I didn’t need to read this today! I’m in tears!  🙂

    I’ve got my own little doggy drama going on. First and foremost, our just-turned-16 year old Yorkie-Schnauzer mix is in her last days. I mean, literally. Like, we might have to make some hard decisions this weekend.  Her sight is almost completely gone, and although she gets around okay, it’s sad to know she can’t see and can barely hear.

    Second is my son’s boxer-pit bull mix. She is seriously the best dog ever, and she’s been living with us since May. Now, though, my son is getting ready to move out and the thought of letting this dog go with him is killing me. She’s become my constant companion. I tell her all the time that she’s my best friend. I don’t know what I’ll do without her.

    I’ll pray for you while you’re apart from Molly. I know you’ll be doing all you can to get settled in a hurry so you can bring her home with you!

    • Chrissy, you do have some doggie drama going on! I’m sorry. I know my parents are going to feel the same way when I come to retrieve Molly. Letting go is so hard. 

  • oh my heart… hugging you tight, and praying hard.

  • Oh I understand, Lindsey. I had my sweet Cindy for 16 1/2 years. I loved her so much. I loved loving on her. I lost her last November and still miss her tons. Praying for you.

    • I’m sorry Michele. That must be so hard. Praying for you.

    • I’m sorry Michele. That must be so hard. Praying for you.

    • I’m sorry Michele. That must be so hard. Praying for you.

  • kscate

    Sniff…I’ve been there, too. You’ll have to take her to San Onofre State Beach (south Orange County) and let her run and play in the water. 

  • kscate

    Sniff…I’ve been there, too. You’ll have to take her to San Onofre State Beach (south Orange County) and let her run and play in the water. 

  • kscate

    Sniff…I’ve been there, too. You’ll have to take her to San Onofre State Beach (south Orange County) and let her run and play in the water. 

  • I feel for you sister… count the days until you’re reunited & know true love is putting the needs of someone else above your own. 🙂 

    In the meantime you can always drop by my FB album or Tumblr blog if you’re needing a “chewed” fix courtesy of another Molly:

  • i know it is hard… when I got a divorce, i was not in a position to take my two pups… since then i have gotten two new loves.. they truly become your children! Me, Bogey and Evie will be praying for u! Hang in there sweetie!!

  • Prayers for you, Lindsey, and blessings on your new adventure!

    I have a
    terribly unmotivated basset hound named Belle. Wasn’t too sure about
    her smells and slobbers at first, but she’s the sweetest thing. And
    she’s exactly my speed.

    We moved to California (north of LA, in Santa Clarita) almost ten years
    ago. It was quite an adjustment for this Oklahoma girl, but God is so faithful. If you’re ever up in our area, holler. I’ll take you out for Mexican food and we can swap stories about puppies and nutty California. 🙂

    • Oh, woh. Sorry for the crazy formatting! Only I could’ve done that. 🙂

    • Will do. I love mexican food!

  • Andy

    Praying for Molly and you.  When Molly goes to Cal. she will take over and you will be ready for her to be there. But moving to a new place for both of you might be a little to much at 1st. So Molly is just on a vaction and going to have fun in the sun and your going to start a new job. So have fun cause I know Molly will and when Molly comes home from her vaction she can then go to work. Praying 

  • Another knot in the pit of my stomach.  I don’t know how you did it.  I’m such a chicken, I would’ve kicked everything to the curb, turned my car around and went back home. You have no idea how your story is encouraging and motivating people.

  • So sad! Thank goodness you get to be reunited with her though. I have a kitty that I’ve had for four years now who also started out as somewhat of a terror (tore up all the carpet, woke me up in the middle of the night, etc) but now I don’t know what I would do without her. She’s my little buddy and brings me so much love and joy. Pets are such a special gift to us! Praying for you in transition and good luck with the rest of your move!

  • Molly C.

    This story is a mirror image of my Ernie and me.  My name is Molly.  Ernie, a jack russell,  was a holy terror as a pup, and several times I thought they guy I got him with would send him away.  However, Ernie just turned seven yesterday, and he is a blessing in so many ways.  When that relationship did not work out, Ernie got me through.  I also had to leave him with my parents for a month during that transition, and it was torture.  Now when we visit them, he sticks as closely to me as possible.  I assume he’s worried he’ll have to stay there without me again.  Ernie is MY partner is crime.  He’s always so excited when I get home from work, and the best snuggler at night.  He has accompanied me to work, on days when there are hardly other employees around.  He alerts me to possible danger, even if its just our mailman. I don’t know what I would have done without him over the past few years, and look forward to man more with him. He is THE BEST.

  • Praying for you and the big transition, Lindsey! Pets, especially dogs, really do become family. They love without hesitation, even if there’s only a little loved returned. It’s amazing. (But of course, how can you just love a sweet dog a little? I think it’s near impossible!) It’s good that you’ll see her again in a month or two, like you said!

    You asked us to share about our favorite animals friends… I bet you’ll get a lot of stories! My childhood dog, a Black Lab named Sadie, was literally the best dog I’ve ever met. I had her when I was 9 to 22. (She lived to almost 14.) I truly know I’ll always remember the sweet, tiny kiss she’d give me on my chin when I’d walk in the door to my parents’ house. When we were kids, she’d play hide-and-seek! We’d throw a toy into another room and hide behind either the couch, recliner, in my parents’ bedroom, in the bathroom, or in on the stairs. And she would go to each of the 7 or so hiding spots until she found us. Brilliant and tons of fun.

    Thanks for helping me recall those sweet, blessed memories today.

  • Dog stories always get me. I grew up a lonely introverted kid in high school, and I knew I could always count on my little rat terrier Annie to lift me up whenever I came home from a day of isolation. When she died in 2006 I was basically the biggest wreck I’ve ever been. Still miss her.

    Cherish every moment with your dog; they go by fast.

  • Erin Perry

    I will definitely try hard to remember to pray. I can’t imagine life without my “baby” Mary! She means so much to me! You will make it and she will be so happy to have you back!

  • Anonymous

    Will certainly be praying for you.  When I was five, I was given a puppy for my birthday.  All through my childhood, she was my faithful companion, even sleeping in my room every night.  My freshman year in college when I called home for Christmas, I found out that she had died.  I was at a pay phone and I sat down on the curb and cried.  Needless to say I understand what you are going through. Hopefully, like you said, it will only be a few months.  But I know those few months will be hard….

    • I was at my father’s home when my wife had to put our dog down. I cried so hard and so often my dad said, “You’re more broken up over your dog than I was over your mom.” Just to make things clear–Mom lived seven years longer than anyone expected so we, as a family, were more prepared for her passing. Tim, your story touches every heart that’s lost a beloved pet.

  • We had to put our dog Gracie down back in February–beautiful golden retriever. A few months ago, Penny entered our home so I recognize your description of puppy behavior all too well. Day by day though she, also a golden, becomes the next “best dog ever.” I know the grief of loss (even if it’s temporary) and pray your days go well and your reunion comes soon.

  • Tammy Isbell

    Since the loss of my beloved 14 yr. old black Lab, last Feb., we’ve had our newest additions ( Lab and golden) for a little over a year.  They have finally figured out who the alpha dog really is and they are growing on me. 

    I will certainly pray for you in your new endeavor and while you and sweet Molly are apart.  Blessings!

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