Hi. Trisha Davis here…

Today I decided to hijack Lindsey’s blog! Because I have moved thirteen times and because I may have dubbed myself  “Queen of Moving Land” if there was such a place. Moving is that season of life where normal no longer feels normal. A season in which familiar is replaced by unfamiliar and “remember when” is no longer spoken. But like all seasons, this season of moving will come to an end and before long normal, familiar and “remember when’s” return.

So while Lindsey is still in the thick of her season of moving I thought her online community could be her normal, her familiar and her “remember when’s” because today is…

Lindsey’s Birthday!

So will you join me today to give this birthday girl the best online birthday party ever? (Remember I’m the queen and if you don’t it’s off with you head) 😉

I’ll go first… Happy Birthday Lindsey! You are a gift and I thank God for the way he has used you in the life of my family, friends and church family. I’m thankful that you have taught me new words that one day Jesus will want to talk about with me. I hope your day is AWESOME!!!


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Lindsey has a sincere love for her precious dogs Molly and Maisy, a good red wine and the Delta Sky Club.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

  • Happy Birthday Lindsey!!!! Trisha is right, you are a gift from God. I first started following you when you hosted a series of guest blogs about the song “How He loves.” I’ve been hooked ever since then. Your honesty and transparent realness of the struggles in life are a huge inspiration! You are making an impact. I’m sure that God is and is going to continue to use you in ways you can’t begin to imagine! I hope you have a great day! Keep up all that you do!

    • Lindsey Nobles

      Thanks Chris for the encouragement!

  • Happy Birthday Lindsey.  May God just give you the best day ever in your new city, I know it will be different. Praying for you today

  • Happy birthday to you, Lindsey! We miss you in Nashville! May this be the best ever, no-kidding, year of your life!

    • Lindsey Nobles

      Thanks Mike. My love to you and Gail. Hope our paths cross SOON!

  • Happy Birthday, Lindsey! I hope you have a great day! 

  • Happy Birthday Lindsey!! Hope you have a wonderfully blessed day and year….!!!

  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday Lindsey! Hoping you have a wonderful day and are much loved and celebrated by your new community of friends.  If you were here we’d be partying it up!  Miss you!

    • Lindsey Nobles

      Loved that we got some phone time today! Miss you.

  • My 30th birthday came just a few months after having moved to Dallas in 2005, while still trying to balance a demanding new job and time to invest in new relationships. I missed all my friends in Nashville and was certain that I would have been having a party had I still lived there. I didn’t even tell any of my roommates or new friends in Dallas it was my birthday. But when a Nashville friend called and sang to me, one of my roommates overheard it and discovered it was my birthday… and my 30th at that. My roommates then quickly pulled together a group of folks I was starting to get to know and we had a party that night. It really helped me feel celebrated in a new city, with new friends that I was just getting to know. I’ve never forgotten that. Saying a prayer for you today that God quickly surrounds you with a group of new friends who love and celebrate you today and in the days, weeks and months ahead. Happy Birthday, Lindsey!

    • Lindsey Nobles

      Thanks for the encouragement Grant. Moving is hard…I was prepared for it. But I can’t say it’s been an easy week. 

  • Happy birthday Lindsey! I hope all is well as you settle into a new state and new job. Proud of you for stepping out in faith and daring to dream you can do more. Thankful for your inspiration and looking forward to seeing you when you visit Nashville! You know you cant stay away. 😉

    • Lindsey Nobles

      I hope to get back soon. I miss everyone!

  • Justin Davis

    Happy Birthday! So thankful for your friendship to me, to Trisha and to our boys. I hope you have a great day and that you feel celebrated both virtually and in real life in Cali.

    • Lindsey Nobles

      I am appreciative of you guys! Big time…

  • Carol York

    Happy Birthday to a fellow September baby.  You are a blessing through your honesty and willingness to share your journey with the rest of us!

    • Lindsey Nobles

      Thanks Carol!

  • Happy Birthday!  I pray you have a year more wonderful than you could ever imagine!

  • Happy Birthday, Lindsey!! Hope you have a day filled with celebration because you are awesome and totally deserve it! Praying this year is filled with all kinds of God-driven adventure (the best kind, right?)! 

  • Jenny D

    Happy Birthday Lindsay! Have a wonderful day 🙂

  • Tammyhelfrich

    Happy Birthday!!

  • Yay! Happy Birthday!!!!


  • Ashley Williams

    LINDS! happy birthday girl. so thankful for you in my life. i know God is going to do amazing things through you in this new journey of life.


    ps- you don’t look a day over 29 🙂

    • Lindsey Nobles

      Gosh, thanks Ashley. I need to stop befriending yougens that make me feel OLD. 🙂

  • Happy birthday, Lindsey!  I hope you have fun celebrating whatever you end up doing and that throughout the day you are reminded of what you mean to so many people.

  • Happy Birthday!!!! Hope you’re having a fabulous day and soaking up all the fun that birthdays can bring =)

  • Erin Perry

    Happy Birthday! I hope it is wonderful! 

  • Happy Birthday Lindsey! We are birthdate twins! It’s my 40th today. Whatever year you’re celebrating, may God bless it and surround you with love!

  • Happy Birthday Lindsey! We are birthdate twins! It’s my 40th today. Whatever year you’re celebrating, may God bless it and surround you with love!

    • Lindsey Nobles

      Happy Birthday Janice. 40…that’s awesome! 

  • Amanda Williams

    On this, the anniversary of your birth, I would like to present you with the Amanda’s Favorite New Friend of 2011 Award! While not a very prestigious pretend award, it is indeed very heartfelt and comes with a boatload of love for the recipient. That’s right, be excited.

    Happiest of birthdays to you, friend! I am so glad you were born. Really. So glad. xo

    • Lindsey Nobles

      That is a huge honor! And it is mutual. Thankful that you came into my life. Although it is strange that it was running that brought us together 😉

  • Sharon O

    Hope  you have a wonderful day and do something really fun.

  • Woo-hoo! Happy Birthday Lindsey! Love that you have a sweet friend to hijack your blog and share the news. Hope it’s a GREAT day!

    • Lindsey Nobles

      It was!

  • Kelly

    Wishing you a blessed and happy birthday!!

  • I love you! And I admire you. And I see Jesus in you. May this be a year of firsts, particularly in your relationship with Jesus. May you know Him more affectionately and keenly. Hugs, mary

    • Lindsey Nobles

      Love you! I am not going out of town anymore in October so maybe I’ll get to see you? 🙂

      • Would love that. I have that morning free (Friday). 

  • Happy birthday!  a little bird says you may be at the bloggers meetup at catalyst.  would love to meet you!

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