A New Normal

Slowly, surely, life is starting to settle in.

Each day I find myself stumbling head first into my day, surprised at how it quickly time is parceled out, as my calendar fills up with new people, places, and things.

The big things came first. Home. Work. Church.

Then, out of the blue, other plans started coming together. Small group. Dinner with friends. Lunch with co-workers. Meetings. Conference Calls. Soccer games. Concerts. Trip to Los Angeles and San Diego. Women’s ministry events (who would have thought…not I). Scenic tours of the South Coast.

But still important pieces are missing. And I want to must figure out how to make them fit. Working out. Writing. Serving.

I have found a new normal, even though it’s not quite normal. Yet.

Do you have a new normal? What does it look and feel like? Does it feel…normal?

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Lindsey has a sincere love for her precious dogs Molly and Maisy, a good red wine and the Delta Sky Club.

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  • tam

    i do not have a new normal yet. but im working on it. and it will come. for both of us.

    im proud of you. you are brave, girl.

    • Lindsey Nobles

      i’m proud of you. loved catching up today. 

  • Candace

    It’s SO normal to have the new normal not quite normal…yet!

    Savor the small beginnings. Have fun in the hard of them.

    • Lindsey Nobles

      will do!

  • turner_bethany

    My new normal is a lot like yours. I am getting up everyday at a new apartment to go to a new job. Some days the new normal is difficult but it is becoming more and more actually normal everyday. 

    • Lindsey Nobles

      same here…

  • getting there, well sort of. Starting a new chapter is always blury up front

    • Lindsey Nobles

      it sure is…

  • Lindsey, can’t thank you enough for sharing your experiences. I’m in a season of moving into a new normal.  Everything but my address is different than it was 24 months ago…the latest change  (and what I’m hoping will be the last for awhile!) is a move to a new church with my new husband.  We’re both new so that helps but he’s found a place to connect quickly while I’m still in the very early days of trying to find where I fit.  I attended my old church for 15+ years and had the joy of great relationships and the sweetness that comes from the fellowship of the Lord with people I love.  This latest change has been very unsettling and I’ve struggled to put words to it all.  You’ve done that for me and I so thank you for that. You’ve let me know that I’m not crazy, this is hard and reminded me that it will get better and even more importantly, God will use this, this season of not-normal, for His good and His glory.  Praying for you and your journey — here’s to finding our new normals!

  • Amy

    I can’t wait for my new normal to become my daily routine. I never knew starting a job would be this complicated. This is my first “real, grown up, adult person” job. Not only for the intellectual parts of us is this hard but the spiritual, physical, emotional and social. Everything is connected and I cannot wait to get everything in balance once again… strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord.