Anything, God, Anything

Zac and I climbed into bed on a completely average night two years ago. We were pretty tired. We just laid there looking at the ceiling, with only small firework fantasies of what God might say. Zac took my hand and spoke the simple words we had been processing for the past few months but not yet been ready to say.

God had been opening our eyes to how precious our temporary lives were and how numbly we were moving through them.

We were over it. We were over building our lives. We were over houses and cars and cute Christmas cards. We wanted something; we couldn’t put our finger on it. It was burning in us. We had loved so many other things more than God.

We were ready to do anything.

So we prayed. As sincerely as I have ever prayed any other thing,

I prayed in my heart as Zac spoke: “God we will do anything. Anything.”

It didn’t feel fancy. It wasn’t even a big deal. But the prayer held in it a thousand little deaths. In saying anything, it meant we were handing him everything. My heart raced a little at the thought… and then we fell asleep.

So begins Jennie (and Zac) Allen’s powerful journey of surrendered, reckless, and courageous faith. The kind of faith that is distinctively compelling. The kind of faith that embraces risk and sacrifice. And the kind of faith that makes God uncomfortably close and real.

In Anything, Jennie authentically and vulnerably shares the before and the after of praying that bold prayer. And in doing so  challenges each of us to dig deep into ourselves to see what we are so desperately clinging to and invites us to find the freedom and the relationship of surrender. This book shouldn’t be missed.

Go buy it here! 

Also, Jennie and the team at Thomas Nelson offered to give me a handful of copies to share with you. If you would like to enter to win a copy of Anything, just leave a comment below about what your ANYTHING is. I will pick 5 random winners on Friday and notify them via email. {But don’t let this slow you down from buying a copy. Once you’ve read it, I know you’ll be wanting more to giveaway.}

And lastly, be sure to check out this site dedicated to sharing your ANYTHING to read inspiring stories of others who are giving God the one thing they are afraid of losing.

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  • Kim Teamer

    Thanks for letting me know your thoughts about this book. I just bought a copy. I can’t wait to get started!

  • Ske314

    Single mom for 11 yrs- feel like I have given up anything/everything but still don’t see God. Where is he?

    • Ugh. He’s there. I know it might not feel like it at times but I believe it. He’s there. Praying you will feel his presence. 

  • Leighhudson1

    My anything is my creature comforts. My hair stylist, my clothes, my air conditioning, my electricity in my home, my home, my car…. Need I say more?! Gone…for him

  • Peggy

    Bought this and read it yesterday.  Great book sending my copy to a friend.  My anything is my comforts.  Hard to lay them down.

  • Tiffany

    My anything is security- both physical and monetary. 

  • Cherith

    Anything….wish I could live there more… I say it and then two seconds later freak out about what that might be! So glad sees beyond my freakoutness!

  • Becky Roode

    My anything?  comfort – which encompasses so many other little things, things I’m accustomed to, things that make me feel like I’m at “home”, things that bring ease and pleasure.  I’m not sure how I would react without some of them.

    • lindseyrnobles

      I certainly like my comfort too.

  • Stephanie

    I would have to say my “anything” is my job/career and HIS timing. It’s been such a huge lesson for to learn…to just lay it all down.~ Stephanie

  • Amy

    My anything? My husband’s job and only source of income.

  • Wow…great video.

  • Wendy

    My anything is security. Having a full time job with an income was security. Layed it down a year ago this month to stay home full time and volunteer in children’s ministry at our church. Becoming secure in Him has been the journey. What an amazing year it has been!

    • lindseyrnobles

      So great!

  • Ldankertson

    My Anything: The fear. comfort. ease. Control of how it all looks. And “that guy”…marriage.

    • lindseyrnobles


  • Ioana

    this sure looks like a must-read book

    • lindseyrnobles

      It definitely is!

  • My anything was to let go of our foster care baby.  I knew that he was leaving our home, but that he was not leaving God’s reach.  If giving him up was God’s will, if that’s what He was asking of me, than that’s what I would do, no matter how hard.  My anything was saying goodbye with a broken heart full of love.

    • lindseyrnobles


  • Lisa

    I feel like maybe I missed what the ANYTHING is…but I seem to be held so deeply by my need for approval/acceptance/love.   In letting that go, perhaps the road that Jesus has asked me to travel will become less frightening and paralyzing?   My faith, which at times feels like 1/2 a mustard seed, is desperate to feel more.

    • lindseyrnobles

      I am an approval seeker too. What if I didn’t care what others thought? 

  • Kim

    My anything is my desire to find love, have a family, etc.  Wishing it would happen on my timing.  

    • lindseyrnobles

      Uh huh. I so get that.

  • Melinda

    My anything is my future plans.

    • lindseyrnobles

      That one should be easy to let go since it is never really within our reach but it’s not, huh?

  • Thank you all for sharing… I am so moved by this. And thank you Lindsey for sharing about the book!

  • My anything is attention (and acceptance and affirmation). And no, alliteration wasn’t my aim…

  • Michele

    My anything is my life how I like it.

  • My anything is my “job”… and putting it in His hands, trusting Him fully to guide and direct me and give me peace. Easier said than done sometimes, but in the end, worth it.

    • lindseyrnobles

      Jenn, Shoot me your address to and I’ll get you a copy of Anything. Congratulations!

      Yep. Worth it!

  • My anything is “happy suburban life”. Secure. Safe. Healthy. Easy. Sometimes boring but not too scary. 

  • Anderbean5

    I will do anything. I am a new widow and approaching a scary season in my life but my anything is trusting God with it all and taking every risk and opportunity that I can.

  • My anything is comfort and predictability, with a big heaping side of ‘fear-of-failure’. ::sigh::

    I’m looking forward to reading this book, though I’m a little scared at what convictions are sure to follow. 🙂

    • lindseyrnobles

      Danielle, Shoot me your address to and I’ll get you a copy of Anything. Congratulations!

      You’ll love it. Don’t be scared. 🙂

  • Embo_1999

    My ANYTHING is our FINANCES…trusting that He IS the great provider. I want my four children to see me trust with reckless abandon the God that they are learning to trust with their lives!

  • Marcieporterfield

    My anything is my sweet family and their well being– a big thing that can stand between Gods will and I.

    • lindseyrnobles

      Marcie, Shoot me your address to and I’ll get you a copy of Anything. Congratulations!

      I can’t blame you. Your family is pretty amazing.

  • Some days my anything is everything. And that’s the scariest realization ever.

  • Rachel F

    i hesitate to say a specific answer, because i haven’t had the time to wrestle or really think or pray through what it may be, but I am regularly repenting of my preoccupation with self via self criticism & perfectionism..

  • Carol

    Happened upon anything at the bookstore. Sounds interesting, convicting, heart wrenching, ouchy all at the same time. And probably, see…. i don’t even want to confess it yet….something I so desperately need.  To get to that mindset.
    would love to be included in this drawing if its not too late. 
    That did spure me on to totally change gears for an upcoming women’s Bible study I am starting. and will be using stuck instead of what was originally on the plan.

  • Sarah Joy Sebastian

    I’d really love to read this book. Mostly because I’m going through something similar.

    I’m in the process of praying for God to provide for me to go to Bible college in another country because I really felt God speak for me to go and also spoke that He will provide. So I’m currently in the place where I am sure I’ve heard but I haven’t yet seen.

    To make it all a lot more scary, I bought a one way flight ticket to that country this morning. 

    This has been a huge faith journey for me. I had no plans on going back to Bible College or even going to this particular church. So yep, really believing God for a miracle!! 😀

    • lindseyrnobles

      Sarah, Shoot me your address to and I’ll get you a copy of Anything. Congratulations!

      And your journey sounds super exciting!

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