Man Crushes, Handwritten Notes and Empty Promises

A few years ago after stumbling onto this blog post about man crushes, I decided that I needed to learn more about this Pete Wilson character and the fast-growing church he pastors in West Nashville. So the next Sunday, I grabbed a willing friend and ventured to Cross Point for the first time.

I remember walking through the doors and being adequately unimpressed with the make-shift cafe and the no-frills sanctuary. And I remember laughing, nodding, sighing and relating as Pete Wilson authentically shared a message on the relational baggage we all carry around. And I remember getting the goosebumps as the worship band belted out Hillsong’s ‘Inside Out’ and pulling out my blackberry {yes, 2008 seems like ions ago} to text a friend that I had finally found my new church home. And I remember the approachable pastor who made a point to reply back to me on twitter and write me a welcome letter with a handwritten note suggesting I connect with the church’s executive director, a young woman about my age who might be a good resource.

The next statement I am going to make sounds awfully dramatic but it’s true.

That blog post, that Sunday, and that letter changed the course of my life.

I love Pete Wilson, his wife Brandi, and the community that they have built at Cross Point Church fiercely. They model a beautiful balance of grace and truth that few have mastered. They tell it like it is, even when it’s ugly, so that messed up freaks like me have a safe place to confess, to worship, to grow and to serve.

That’s why I am excited to take a few minutes to tell you about Pete’s new book, Empty Promises. Because while you might not live in Nashville, and you might not ever get to experience the community at Cross Point church, this book allows you to discover the heart and the soul of its pastor. And more importantly this book helps you unlock the joy and the peace that comes from forgoing the endless pursuit and dissatisfaction of chasing empty promises and seeking the only thing that will set you truly free.

Empty Promises Trailer- Full from Pete Wilson on Vimeo.

We all long for more of something in our lives. In our endless pursuit to feel worth and acceptance we find ourselves sacrificing everything for the promise to be a little more beautiful, a little richer, a little more powerful and successful, a little more loved.

How do we break free from these empty pursuits and start chasing the only Promise that will ever satisfy? How do we uncover the hidden idols that are driving us and turn our devotion toward the one true God?

Join Pastor and best-selling author Pete Wilson in discovering the joy and freedom that comes with seeking after God with your whole life. Learn how to replace, and not just relinquish, life’s empty promises by turning your focus and worship toward Him. It is the only thing that will set you absolutely free from the endless pursuit of everything else.

Well, anyway, as you can tell, I believe that YOU need to read this book! You can buy a copy here for yourself and for all your loved ones RIGHT HERE! 


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  • brandiandboys

    three quick things…
    1. this post left me in tears.
    2. love you dearly friend.
    3. this post is full of passion. 😉

    see you soon!

    • crud, you are right. maybe i have a little bit of passion and it oozes for Cross Point. have you followed Bob Goff yet???

      • brandiandboys

        doing it RIGHT NOW!!!!

  • I just got his book via Book Sneeze to review. I can’t wait! 

  • jennicatron

    I’m really glad you showed up that day too!

  • I’ve loved hearing how you and Jenni got to Cross Point years ago.   I’ve never been to CP but I can tell it’s a special place.   I read and reviewed the book and it’s really good. 

  • Pete Wilson is probably one of the best speakers I have heard. This book sounds great.