The Challenges That Accompany Our Dreams

A few weeks ago I attended an event hosted by Mariner’s Church called  “Discover Your Dream.” Kenton Beshore,Mariner’s Senior Pastor, and Bob Goff, Lawyer, Dreamer and All Around Whimsy Worker, challenged and inspired the 600+ attendees to believe that God has unique plans for each and every one of us. And most importantly, that He really and truly wants us to show us those plans.

I left energized, empowered, and encouraged.

But in my experience dreaming is accompanied by a slew of challenges. I struggle with naming my dreams, owning my dreams, realizing my dreams, and of course, finding the actuality of my dream to be rather lackluster.

It’s so bad that there are days when my dreaming dilemmas leave me wanting to forgo dreaming altogether and drift into a life of complacency. I wasn’t sure if it was just me, so I asked a few friends to write a post sharing some challenges that has accompanied the pursuit of their dreams. A few of them said yes. So get ready for some greatness this week from Stephen Brewster, Bianca Juarez Olthoff, Amanda Williams and Annie Downs.

And in the meantime, what challenges accompany your dreams? 

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  • So many times the problems that accompany my dreams is myself.  I get in the way of what God has for me.  I get off track, off focus, my emotions and doubts get the best of me.  I often think…”Are these dreams MY dreams or are they dreams that God has given me?”  I think often times, that is where the problem lays.  Are we trying to pursue our own dreams or are we wanting God’s dreams?  God has a certain destiny for our lives….have we sought Him enough to know what that purpose is?  Have we made it our purpose to pursue Him diligently to find out?  Have we laid down our own agenda’s and dreams long enough to look into the blueprint of God’s plans for our lives.  We could be “doing” all the right things only to find out we have missed the mark!  

    • lindseynobles

      I struggle with those questions too!

  • When you’re married or in some other kind of permanent partnership, sometimes your dreams don’t seem to line up with the other person you are obligated to live life with. That can be exceedingly frustrating. This was the case with my dream of adopting an orphan which began in earnest two years go. 

    Fortunately it turned out that adopting WAS God’s plan for both of us, it just two years of me praying, trusting, waiting and being unsure until my husband caught the dream too. 

    • lindseynobles

      Sarah, I can imagine that would be so hard!

  • Dreaming can be hard! It’s hard when you have to actually put the work in, to help make that dream happen. It’s hard when you realize the dream could, indeed, happen and that thought is scary. It’s hard when you’re the only one in your immediate circle who sees your dream as a worthwhile pursuit. So much is hard. But I’m holding onto the belief that it will be so worth it…

    • lindseynobles

      Mary,  Me too…