Justice to the Fatherless

About a year and a half ago, I stepped into a journey, a journey of exploration, to learn everything I could about orphan care. I had heard the alarming statistics at Catalyst and felt a tug to be a part of the solution. Whatever that meant.

 I just want to know more about what options I have for helping alleviate the orphan crisis. We are called so clearly throughout scripture to care for orphans. And I want to know how.

I quickly discovered the issue was quite complicated, there are no easy answers, and that we will all have to come together to make a dent in this worldwide crisis. 

I have been to conference after conference, listening and wondering what my part is in this story. I haven’t felt the call to adopt, at least not now.

It wasn’t until I was in Ethiopia on Saturday that I knew. Through FH’s Orphan and Vulnerable Children and Child-Headed Households programs, I could impact the lives of orphans around the world.

We met a 17 year old boy, Bona, who lost both of his parents. While he had some distant relatives who could take him in, without the care of a mother and father he remained vulnerable. But FH stepped in and sheparded the boy. He is now first in his class, studying to take his 12th grade exams and dreaming of the day when he can be a doctor.

We met a 16 year old girl, Mehret, who lost both of her parents to AIDS. She is now responsible for caring for her brother Bedilu {11} and sister Lydia {14}. All three HIV-positive and have the added burden of fighting the stigmatization of those with the disease. Community members had shunned them but FH rushed to them, loved on them, provided food and clothing, offered them legal support for their inheritance, built them a lavatory attached to their house, and trained Mehret to be a hairdresser so she could help provide for her family.

FH might not be all about adoption.

But FH is all about orphan care.

Learn to do good; seek justice, correct oppression; bring justice to the fatherless, plead the widow’s cause. Isaiah 1:17 ESV

Join me in bringing justice to the world’s most vulnerable. 


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  • Michael

    We need more people that have a heart for God’s orphans! The vulnerability of children is a global pandemic issue. Please keep writing and sharing!

    • lindseynobles

      Will do! 

  • I’m so glad you could go on this trip, Lindsey. I’m sure you all have had a vast impact on your readers!

    • lindseynobles

      Thanks Leigh!

  • Awesome, thanks for sharing the info.  

  • Stephanie

    I’m so proud of Bona and Mehret – two young adults striving to pursue their dreams in spite of huge obstacles. 

    Kudos to Food for the Hungry for providing them with the resources to care for their siblings and for their themselves. 

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