Catalyst Day One – Session One

I’m hanging out at Catalyst today and loving every minute. After missing the big Atlanta shindig last year, it’s so nice to be back, to be learning from such gifted leaders, to hang with friends from around the world and to rest, reflect and worship with 13,000 believers.

Since a lot of you couldn’t be here., thought I’d recap each day so you don’t have to miss everything! The theme this year is MAKE.


Andy Stanley – The Making of a Leader

When leaders tell their stories, they talk about what MADE them leaders.

Information and insight alone do not a leader MAKE.

When leaders tell their stories about what MADE them a leader,  very rarely do they mention podcasts, articles, or blog posts.

3 Things That MAKE a Leader:

  • Unexpected Opportunity
  • Unavoidable Adversity
  • Unquestionable Calling

But it’s not only the opportunity, adversity or calling that MAKE the leader. It’s the response to those things that MAKE the leader.

You need to write a story worth telling. God is MAKING you a leader. Respond well.

You have no control over any of it, except for how your respond.

3 Significant Things That Shaped Andy Stanley:

  • Growing up his father told him rover and over again. “God has a plan for your life and you don’t want to miss it.” There was a sense of destiny that was constantly spoken over Andy and his sister. His first journal entry as a 17 year old, “I need to tell my son at a young age that God has a plan for his life.” Not only is God making you but he’s making your children, your grandchildren, and other people that are watching. Actions can echo into the next generation. Your response to opportunity, adversity, and calling can have more impact than you could ever imagine.
  • A college leader once said to Andy, “I have a postion and I have a title, but you have influence. I want you to use it. Because influence is more important that position or title.” This was important because it was the first time Andy was thrown into an arena and didn’t know what to do.  It was an unexpected opportunity and Andy felt unprepared. But he stepped up and started sharing the Bible with his peers.
  • As a result of a growing tension between Andy’s church and the gay community, at 27 Andy preached a sermon  on homosexuality. It was the first subject he’d ever heard on the subject.  It’s better to MAKE a difference than a point. Every once in awhile you are going to be disturbed by something, pay attention to that tension. God MAKES a leader by stirring our hearts. Leaders walk into messes.
Leaders are MADE one response at a time.
What is an opportunity, adversity, or calling that you have responded to and it has MADE you a leader?
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  • Lindsey, I’m so glad you are posting what’s going on in the sessions…this is the first time in 7 years that my husband and I couldn’t come down to Catalyst, and we are really feeling it this year…it has been an injection of hope, encouragement, and challenge like no other that boosts us through the year to keep dreaming big and keep walking out the call that God has on our life in our little town at our church plant. So, thanks again…looking forward to getting the kit and having “Catalyst at home” this year 🙂 Bless you!

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  • Wow– great stuff Lindsey! I think what stuck out to me most is the part about speaking into your child’s life that God has a plan for them. Powerful!

    I love your style for these recaps! When I cover the #R12 Conference next week, I’ll definitely be taking a similar approach (for one of the sites I’m covering for lol)!

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