Catalyst Day One – Session Three

The Quotable Bryan Stevenson

We work with the broken, because we too are broken.

We are not defined by the worst thing we have ever done.

Brokenness can be healed by GRACE, brokenness can be mended by MERCY.

The biggest problem we have is the profound absence of hope.

The opposite of poverty is not really wealth but justice.

Justice begins when we recognize the humanity of every person.

Stone-catching is not an elective, it’s our calling.

Don’t miss Bryan’s TED talk for which he received the strongest standing ovation ever seen at TED.

 Perry Noble on The Frustrated Leader

No matter what we do, we can’t satisfy everyone.

David was the one of most extraordinary leaders in the Bible. David in 1 Samuel 16, was completely ignored because of the older generation. David learned, when no one was watching, a skill that propelled him to a place of leadership, how to sling stones.

There is no progress in leadership, unless we embrace the process of leadership. We have to get past yearning to get discovered and start yearning for God to develop us.

If you are gifted, you just use your gift, and the world will see you using your gift.

We all have been in a place where we think we are doing what we should be doing. But then you realize that people don’t like what you are doing or who you are reaching.

David was working for a leader that was very insecurity. He and Saul kept butting heads.

We don’t have to discover how to reach the next generation. They are going to discover how to reach themselves. God’s going to do something great with the next generation. We can either oppose it, and get passed over, or join it.

Here’s how we know David was a leader. He went somewhere and people followed. One of the greatest things about David, he NEVER dishonored Saul at any point.

The easiest thing to do when we are frustrated is to talk smack. But instead of talking about them, talk to God and ask him to MAKE you, to develop you.


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