Catalyst Day Two

Jon Acuff

How do you not get lost in the process? How do you not confuse MAKING with achieving?

1. Remember who you are. You are not the things you MAKE. Your identity is not tied to what you do for a living. Fame is the most dangerous drug in Christianity today. Remember the Creator of the Universe knows your name…that’s as famous as you ever need to be.

2. Remember who God is. God is never restricted in His Glory by the size of your platform. God will never be hand-cuffed by your failures or unleashed by your successes. He is God. Don’t put that pressure on yourself. Don’t be like the brother of the prodigal son, don’t miss the party because you are slaving in the fields, when that isn’t what your Father has called you to do.

Matt Chandler

Catalyst does one of two things to people. It encourages/magnifies or it discourages/depletes.

The Holy Spirit illuminates. And what we need is illumination.

When you get time with Him, be honest about where you are and ask God to minister to you, ask Him to break somethings, ask Him to dial in your hearts to where your identity lies.

In Galations 4:21, Paul asserts that it is not in the Biblical to live under the law. The law tells us that transformation doesn’t happen outside in, but rather inside out.

We can begin to define our value, by external things instead of internal things. If you do that, you’ll have a hard time celebrating the success of other’s ministries.

Our people need to know that God works in a mess.

Living under the law is slavery. You will never walk in the fullness and the freedom that Christ brings.

You have been saved by GRACE alone. Justification is the crown jewel of our salvation.

God calls me son. Justification leads up to our sonship. It allows us to be sons and daughters of God.

I might a lot of people who believe that we are forgiven but who act all crotchety. It is because they view God as Judge, not as Father.

We can’t forget that we are coheirs with Christ. And this is our inheritence:

1. We get God himself in good times and bad. He is our strength. He is our portion. He is all we need.

2. One day we’ll get resurrected. Death has no sting. Loss carries no weight. Everything is made new.

3. We get the world.

4. We get suffering and rejection. The promise you have been given in God is regardless of your circumstances.

Be faithful where you are. Good days, bad days, and normal days are all about God conforming you and transforming you. God is chiseling you.

God doesn’t drive an ambulance. He never shows up late.

It was a great couple of days at Catalyst. Can’t wait to be back next year!


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  • So cool. Steve Brown of has been preaching this for 40 years. So good to see other teachers finally preaching grace, grace, grace.