Confessions and Realizations From A Blogging Slacker

I have been a blogging slacker. I have all sorts of excuses.

  • Two cross country moves in less than 12 months.
  • New homes {plural}.
  • New jobs {plural}
  • New friends {plural}.
  • New everythings {routines, habits, plans, all that and more}.

Real life seemed to demand all of me and life on the internet became seemingly less important.

But I have made a decision. I am back.

Not just because I am home again {and it is great to be home again}. But because my friend Sarah Markley made me realize something this weekend at Allume.

By not writing here, in this safe space, I am avoiding God. {Yeah. That was a doozy of a realization.}

I have been avoiding God.

This place right here, this simple little blog, is my sacred space. This place right here is where I come and wrestle with God. This place right here is where He shows me His grace, His beauty, and His ability to meet me in sadness, in fear, and in joy. This place right here is where I learn from life.

“A lot of time the learning doesn’t come until the writing.”

Yes. What Sarah said right there. That has been my experience. That has been my Truth.

My learning doesn’t come until my writing.

And since I do want to keep learning, keep wrestling, and keep growing, I have decided that it is time that I AM BACK. I have decided I am going to put some words down here at least a couple times of week for the indefinite future.  I have decided I am going to be a more consistent blogger.

Thank you sweet Sarah for the reminder. Know that God uses your words, written and spoken to nudge us forward. 

 What keeps you writing?  

Or on a more serious note, are you, could you possibly be, avoiding God? 

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Lindsey has a sincere love for her precious dogs Molly and Maisy, a good red wine and the Delta Sky Club.

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  • That session spoke deep to my heart too. Glad to find your words here, Lindsey.

    • Wasn’t it a great session? I had lots of takeaways!

  • Sol Eufracio

    Lindsey, thanks for your words. My blog and journal are how I engage with God, through words. They’re often how I come to some pretty good realizations of my life and transition. I’ve been writing more since the beginning of August due to many factors turning my emotions and transition in a new city that’s becoming home into a whirlwind. I’m grateful for words that come, and for sharing those with friends I love.

    Thanks for sharing yours. Welcome back, friend.

  • Ouch. I probably need to read this, because I’ve been a blogging slacker too. And I’ve most certainly been avoiding God. Thanks for challenging me Lindsey.

  • MizPage

    Lindsey. Lindsey. Lindsey.
    Why do you insist on poking me out of my comfort zone?!
    Can’t you just leave me be…
    Yours Blog Slacker a.k.a God-Avoider

    • Sorry. I have been letting me be for too long. It’s time for us to move! 😉

  • “the writing doesn’t come until the learning.”

    that. i’ve always felt it, but never could never really articulate it, until i read that this morning. writing is wrestling. wrestling is growth. growth is grace. yeah, that.

  • Welcome back friend. So glad you are as I love your words shared here. For me I just have to write and get the words out of my head. If I am not blogging then I am writing it in journals, notebooks, and sometimes even napkins and envelopes. Blessings.

  • I’ve been quiet on mine because a lot of what I’m processing with God is much too private to share. I’m not one to hide the details of my life but when these involve my daughter and my employer I err on the side of discretion. Journaling—and my Restore Group—have been my safe places.

    (My blog tends to get more hits when I talk faith versus shop even as I’m trying to do more of the latter. Trying to find a balance.)

    • I so get that. I think there are seasons and topics that are off limits!

  • Lindsay Snyder

    YES, God speaks to me so much in my own writing and a lot of times it is sweet, but often if is a little hard to hear BUT SO TRUE… He is a good dad… LOVES US more than anything and for that reason corrects us and leads us down a better path… Blessings to you!

  • she’s baaaack! 🙂

  • One word: ItsAboutTime! 😉

    • I miss you. Calling you this afternoon to remedy that.

  • Welcome back! I too was stuck in neutral for far too long. So much of my blogging voice centered around trusting God period while being treated for cancer and once treatment was over [thankfully] it was as if I lost my voice. I’m working to get my mojo back and writing about life lessons and relationships that matter.

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  • I just posted on my blog this morning for the first time since May. I came home from church yesterday and wrote 5 posts in a row in just a few hours (and finished before kickoff of the Steelers game – Uh huh!).

    You and Sarah are absolutely right: When I take the time to write, I also take the time to process what I’ve seen, heard and read. Those thoughts don’t get a chance to wander off into the great unknown. Rather I am forced to play with them, wrestle with them and chew on them, and in that time, God’s truth can and does penetrate my heart.