Let’s Do Justice

Another place I’m honored to contribute monthly is Prodigal Magazine. I will be writing on their Social Justice channel. Here’s some more information about the site:

Not everyone has the power to live a good story. I know that sounds unfair and the truth is, it is. Some good stories are blocked by injustice. There are people in this world who’s story is being stolen from them because of racism, slavery, injustice or abuse. They could be living a good story, but they’re not. They need hope. There are people out there who are rescuing these individuals. They’re using the resources they have to go to war against injustice, so that the victims can be set free to live a good story.

Be sure to go check it out! It’s a great collection of writers and stories. This month I shared a little bit about doing justice as a biblical calling. Here’s a quick preview:

I don’t get it. People who believe but don’t do. People who study the Word but don’t live it out. People who are comfortable asking for their salvation but are not willing to sacrifice for their neighbors, down the street or around the world.

I just don’t get it.

Yeah. I know. I’m no biblical scholar. Truth be told, I should be spending a lot more time There, with Him. But how some folks insist on a complete separation of faith and justice, well, that confounds me. Click here to continue reading…

Do you believe that as Christians we are called to do justice? 

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