Bangladesh, In Pictures

We had a great day today in Bangladesh. A long, great day.

We drove out to a rural Hindu community that Food for the Hungry has worked in since 2011. 

Photo by Esther Havens

Today the bloggers all had the opportunity to meet their sponsor kids. It was such a joy to see them connect with these girls that live half a world away, to have them see firsthand the power of their sponsorship. Since we split into groups, I spent most of my day with my sweet {and kind of crazy} friend Joy. It was so fun to watch her play with Fulmoti.

Joy learned Bengali games.


And Fulmoti learned Red Light, Green Light.


And Duck, Duck, Goose.


Any observer would see that these two had a lot in common, they were both so vibrant, so full of life. And they both had quite the little competitive streak. {Pretty sure I saw some false starts and pushing.}

Can’t wait to hear about how their relationship flourishes.

Here are my favorite pictures from each of the blogger’s visits:

Joy teaching Fulmoti the double-high-five


Photo by Esther Havens

Max and Lauren with Kajol


Photo by Esther Havens

Logan with Ritu


Don’t forget to join us at 7 PM CST TONIGHT for the live #FHBloggers Twitter Chat. You can win awesome Bangladeshi prizes {seriously, some of the prettiest blankets I have ever seen} and ask any questions you have about our trip, Bangladeshi culture, Food for the Hungry, Child Sponsorship, or whatever else you’ve been pondering. More details here.


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  • Thanks for this, Lindsey. I loved looking through the pictures. Praying for y’all! <3

  • MizPage

    Love Love Love it!!
    Soo would love to be a part of #FHBloggers!!

  • Love these!!!

  • Thank you for sharing these amazing moments and for the awesome work you’re doing there 🙂