We Made It!

Thursday morning we {my buddy Daniel C White and I} got on my first plane in Nashville.


After not so quick stops in Los Angeles and Istanbul, and not so short flights over North America {twice}, the Atlantic Ocean, Europe, and the Middle East, on Saturday morning the FH Bloggers got off our last plane in Dhaka.

Whew! {That’s a lot of travel.}

We picked up some friends {Logan Wolfram, Max and Lauren Dubinsky, Joy Eggerichs} along the way, ate some In-N-Out {thank you Jacky and Clay}, tried Turkish coffee {bleh}, shared stories, laughs and of course a ridiculous amount of personal space.


Alas…We made it!


We dashed through customs in what might have been a national record, found the rest of our group {Esther Havens and Heidi Hatch}, checked into our hotel, washed off our travel funk, got outfitted in traditional Bangladeshi apparel, ate some food that wasn’t wrapped in tin foil, learned some Bangla, ventured around Dhaka, and did our best to embrace Bangladesh Standard Time.


But now it’s time to sleep.

In a bed. {Yay! Oh how I love beds! And not economy airline seats.}

Screen shot 2013-01-26 at 7.43.04 AM

<< That’s “Good Night” folks! Til tomorrow…




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  • Kristi

    Remembering you sweet girl!!! So excited you are there, in the part of the world that is close to my heart!! It will be a great trip and so amazing to see faces of those forever impacted by FFH!! LY

  • Glad you all made it there safely! Love the Bangladeshi attire. I’ll be praying!

  • TMZ

    Loving all the pics and tweets! Makes yall’s experience all the more real. Looking forward to further updates! Prayers.

  • magaly27

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