Oh Great God, Give Us Rest

I am in an especially crazy season of life.

We are just six weeks into 2013 and I have already traveled to Raleigh, Dhaka, and Bend {with two more trips on the horizon next week}. I have attended two conferences and sat in countless coffees, meetings and conference calls.  My sweet 90 year old grandmother unexpectedly had a massive stroke on Tuesday and is literally in the process of walking to Heaven. And my parents who live, yes live, to travel are across the world on a boat, when we all would love nothing more to have them close enough for a hug, or at least an unhurried phone call.

All this to say, I am feeling a little ‘worn thin from all of this.’

That is one reason why I love this video, and this song.

The second is obvious. Max Dubinsky captured Bangladesh with the beauty and skill of a true videographer.

Please watch and let the words and the images soak in.

Dhaka, Bangladesh from Max Andrew Dubinsky on Vimeo.

“Oh Great God, Give Us Rest” by David Crowder Band 

Oh great God give us rest
We’re all worn thin from all of this
At the end of our hope with nothing left
Oh great God give us rest
Oh great God do your best
Have you seen this place it’s all a mess
And I’ve done my part to well I guess
Oh great God do your best
Could you take a song and make it thine
From a crooked heart twisted up like mine
Would you open up Heaven’s glory light
Shine on in and give these dead bones life
Oh shine on in and give these dead bones life
Let it shine, let it shine
On and on, on and on, come to life
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  • I’m so sorry to hear about your grandmother. I’m praying peace and joy for you and your family in the midst of your sorrow. I’m also praying God will grant you the rest you’re craving, and encouragement for your heart.

    Perhaps we’ll meet in Philly next week. If not, I hope it’s a great experience for you and that we all leave better equipped to change the world.

  • Margaret Feinberg

    Lindsey, praying for rejuvenation and rest for you! But so excited to hear about the adventures he has called you on already this year.