3 Things You Should Read This Week

Lately I have had a hard time finding the right words for this place. But these three women found the words I was missing this week. I hope you will read and enjoy each of these posts. 

Jennie Allen’s If: A Call To Pray — “This little tribe isn’t everything but it is something.” We aren’t the next big thing. We are trying to be brave enough to step into our small place in the greater work of God on earth in our time. Heads down, fighting for pure hearts and longing for every piece of this to bring him glory.”

Lore Ferguson’s If: Leadership is Lonely “I’m willing to be lonely, to have my name counted as “one who eats with them,” I care little about my name or its place in history. But this is one place where I think some are sorely off. I won’t stand here idly while stones are cast at my sisters who love Jesus as fiercely as I do.

I won’t waste my loneliness on those accusations.

Is it unconventional? Is it still in the making? Are some things a little unclear? Sure. Does God make something from nothing?

Every day.”

Settle Monroe’s Maybe You Are Like Me– “So let us sprinkle our shard-seeds, the ones that came from one big shatter, or a lot of little falls.  Let us wedge them deep into the garden, the one that we thought was gone for good, or would never even come. Because what we thought would send us to the grave will bring forth the gift of the wildest flowers the world has ever seen. We will bind them up tightly, and these bouquets grown from shard-seeds will be our simple and perfect offering.”

What posts moved you this week? 

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