Combating Lies

I’m writing over at Deeper Story today. 

A few weeks ago my friend Mary Demuth wrote a blog post where she bravely shared about a time when she felt small and awkward and a little bothersome. As I read the post, I bowed up for her. (I’m not much of a fighter for myself, but for my people … y’all I will whoop some tail.) Mary is not small. Or awkward. Or bothersome. In ANY context or capacity.

It was so obvious to me that these ideas were dark lies that were whispered once and hard to forget.

But what is often less obvious to me are dark lies that have been muttered in my ear. The lies that I have heard and held onto. The lies that in believing {and oh do I believe them}, I diminish Truth. Click here to continue reading. 

Feet Planted :: Lindsey Nobles

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