UNdoing Hatred

Everywhere I turn these days people seem to be perturbed, to be brimming over with anger, to be teetering on the edge of hatred.

On the gridlocked roads. In crowded football stadiums. On the interwebs.

We rage. We incite. We defend. And we all have our excuses about why our latest outrage is justifiable.

WE have been mistreated, hurt, betrayed. THEY are different, wrong, threatening. WE must protect our country, our beliefs, our God. But friends, our God doesn’t need our offense, our judgement, our hate, He needs our love. Our love is the only thing that can remedy our groaning world.

Our love…Protecting. Trusting. Hoping. Persevering.

Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace. Where there is hatred, let me sow love. Francis of Assisi

Dove award-winning singer, Michael Boggs, is asking “What Would Jesus Undo?” And for a limited time you can download his highly anticipated single, What Would Jesus Undo, for FREE.

Download the song, watch the music video and share with your friends at WWJU.ME.

“If we’re supposed to love,

I wonder why we judge

when grace has graced us too.

When it comes down to me and you,

What would Jesus undo?”

And join us in asking and sharing, what would Jesus have us UNdo?

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