Here We Go Again…

Man, this one is a hard one to write and I’m not quite sure why.

Maybe because somehow blogging about it makes it feel more real? Maybe because I know it will provoke questions I am not ready to answer? Maybe because I know some of your reading this should have heard it directly from me not via computer screen but across the table with a steaming cup of coffee or as we gently rock back and forth on a porch swing at Arrington Vineyards? Or maybe because there is a solitude in writing that stirs emotions that I all too conveniently tuck away?

So I’m just going to get it out fast. Pull the proverbial band-aid off quickly.

I am moving to Austin.

There I said it. Not so bad.

And here come the inevitable questions…

When are you moving? I am not sure. Probably end of June, beginning of July, who knows it could be September {Get on your knees right now and pray it is not September I don’t think I can handle that kind of long drawn out transition.}.  There are still several things that need to fall into place (Read: Sell house, hire movers, load up life, and all the other ghastly parts of moving. Bleh.}.

Why move…again? Why Austin?  This IF:Gathering thing that I’ve been doing on the side as a “passion project”  is growing faster than anyone could have ever imagined and I want to be there, in Austin, with Jennie and the IF team dreaming, building and championing it. I feel like I was made for this and that IF:Gathering is where God has called me to serve, maybe for a lifetime, but at least for this season.

Thankfully, I’m no stranger to Austin. My dad grew up in Austin and just three hours from my hometown, it served as a sort of beloved home away from home. I have friends from just about every season of life who are there keeping Austin weird. And it is planted conveniently in the middle of the country, smack dab in the heart of my favorite time zone {God bless the central time zone}, just a quick plane ride from Nashville, and is home to the best food in the country, maybe the world.

So, you are leaving Feed The Children? Nope. That’s the best part. I will get to continue working with Ben, Crystal, Troy and the team at Feed The Children. I will get to continue being a part of an organization that is actively fighting poverty both down the street and around the world. And I will get to continue to mobilize others to bring hope and resources to those without.

This was absolutely essential for me. A  committed “loyalist” on the enneagram, I have a really hard time leaving things behind.  {A really really really hard time leaving things behind}. Especially since I L-O-V-E what I do with Feed The Children, and most importantly who I get to do it with. What a blessing that they are willing to give me the freedom and the flexibility to devote more time to IF while continuing to help them build a world-class Artist Program.

How are you feeling as you gear up for another transition? First and foremost, I feel peaceful. I really believe that this is the right thing for right now. Beyond that I feel so many conflicting emotions…sad, excited, hopeful, scared, overwhelmed, sad, excited, hopeful, scared, overwhelmed. Did I mention sad, excited, hopeful, scared, overwhelmed?!?

What are your hopes as you embark on a new season? I am hoping and praying for roots. I want this move to be my last one, at least for awhile, a long while. This Texas girl never dreamt that pursuing her dreams would bring her back…but truth be known it sure sounds nice. 

What am I missing here? What other questions do you have for me? 

As always thank you for your love, support and willingness to follow me on this unpredictable journey. 

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Lindsey has a sincere love for her precious dogs Molly and Maisy, a good red wine and the Delta Sky Club.

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  • This is awesome, Lindsey. I’m super-excited for you!

    • lindseyrnobles

      thank you j.r.

  • paige

    how exciting lindsey!!!!

    • lindseyrnobles

      thanks paige!

  • afwings

    Yea! Welcome to Longhorn Country! Lots of great things happening in
    Austin, not the least of which was last year’s “Explore God” community
    outreach collaboration with 370 area churches participating!

    • lindseyrnobles

      So cool!

  • CM

    So proud of you, and SO excited for you!

    • lindseyrnobles

      Love you CM!

  • Tam Hodge

    Get that spare room ready for a visit from Brent and me.

    SO proud of you and always inspired by your courage and willingness to do big things.

    • lindseyrnobles

      Thanks Tam! Can’t wait to do Austin with you.

  • neighbor! i miss your little bungalow being full of a friendly spirit already. you know i’ve never been to austin . . . i have high hopes for you and this and all of us who get to watch!

    • lindseyrnobles

      COME VISIT ME! in the meantime…let’s hang before i go…


    • lindseyrnobles

      Eek! Me too. Let’s hang when I get there.

  • makeda

    Congratulations! Exciting times ahead for you. Wishing you all the best on your new adventure!

    • lindseyrnobles

      Thanks Makeda!

  • I’m so excited for you!

    • lindseyrnobles

      Thanks Alysa! Come visit!

  • Nikki

    Lindsey, this is perfect for you and not surprising at all. I am so pumped for you and know that God will honor your obedience. Besides Austin is God’s country and that coming from a TN girl with a TX heart.

  • Nikki

    Lindsey, this is perfect for you and not surprising at all. I am so pumped for you and know that God will honor your obedience. Besides Austin is God’s country and that coming from a TN girl with a TX heart.

    • lindseyrnobles

      Thanks Nikki!

  • jennicatron

    Proud of you Linds!

    • lindseyrnobles

      Excited about the adventures we both are on!

  • Brandon

    Lindsey – you are being faithful to what He is calling you to.
    I hope that you can hear that. To take it in and to use it fight the lies.
    I am proud of you for chasing Him.

    • lindseyrnobles

      Thanks for the encouragement!

  • Sami Cone

    Oh girl – I hate that our chicken salad dates will have to be put on hold, but I’ll always have a seat saved for you at Frothy Monkey! (And maybe you can find a joint to save a seat for me in Austin 😉 xoxo

    • lindseyrnobles

      Yes! Come visit!

  • HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY! Texas is gaining back a good one with your return 🙂

    • lindseyrnobles

      Look forward to some quality Ali time.

  • Excited for you Lindsay! Look at you being brave. I expect to see ALL THE FOOD pictures on Instagram once you’re in Austin.

    I hear you on all theghastly part of moving. Double bleh.

    Much love,

    • lindseyrnobles

      Thanks Tina! I won’t disappoint with my food instagrams. 🙂

  • Excited about how IF Gathering is growing and admire your courage to move forward!

  • LauraBeth Carlson

    I am so excited for you! I have been following you and your blog since you were at Thomas Nelson. I fell in love with your passion then and I am so excited to see you moving with your heart. I was blessed and insanely grateful to be a part of the IF:Gathering. I love your heart for it and the team of godly women that are involved. Y’all give so many of us a hope to continue to strive for more and never quit or settle. Thank you for that.
    Best of luck in this new area. Excited to see how the Lord takes you to places you haven’t even dreamed up yet. Excited to see how this will impact IF.

    –Laurabeth Carlson