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On Being Single and in the Church

You know how there are people you meet in passing and you just like them? People that you know that if you had more time together or lived closer you’d be good friends? Well,  Matt Mooney is one of those people. {And I hear his wife Ginny is totally one of those people.} Matt and I have crossed paths at a conference or two and from the initial meeting I could tell I was a Mooney fan.  So that’s why I couldn’t say no to joining him on his new podcast, The Atypical Podcast, even though we talked just a week before IF when my life was super crazy and even though I knew he wanted to grill me on my thoughts on singleness and the church. So go check it out:

We’lindsey noblesre kicking off with a series entitled unmentionables– a few interviews with folks discussing issues & topics not often heard within the walls of the church.

Join us for the first podcast as I, Matt Mooney, interview Lindsey Nobles on the topic of being single in the church.

– Hear it all at:

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  • Andrea B.

    Loved this podcast and I’m SO thankful for your willingness to talk about what so many of us are living out. I attend a Sunday School class at my church named “Family Matters.” It’s either that or an all women’s class. LOL.

  • Leah Dankertson

    Lindsey, this was a great listen. Thanks so much for sharing! Your last several posts on singleness and the church and this podcast are such a meaningful beginning to a discussion the church has needed to talk about for awhile now. Several years ago I listened to this talk by Jonalyn Fincher at Biola University and it sparked many of the same questions you have been asking about the interactions between men and women in the church, the need for brothers in christ to be brothers and the freedom to risk friendship with married men and single men in our communities, because God uses them to show us unique pictures of Jesus. As singles, we shouldn’t have to miss out on that. If you haven’t heard it already, wanted to pass it along: Take it or leave it.