In Actuality

I’m posting over at Deeper Church today. I so want my life to resemble that of an early church member. Devoted to teaching, fellowship and prayer. Recognizing and doing everything in my power to meet the needs of all. Posturing humility, sincerity and thanksgiving. Praising God and basking in His favor. But I can’t help but […]

Church is Not A Building

Hey guys, I am posting over on Deeper Church today. A few weeks ago, I attended the last ever church service in Cross Point’s Charlotte Avenue campus. I got teary-eyed as I sat sandwiched between two of my best friends’ families and belted out the words to “One Thing Remains.” I was heartbroken to leave the worn […]

The Third Side

You know the old adages… There are two sides to every coin. There are always two sides to every story. At some point between adolescence and adulthood, these ‘truths’ because so engrained in each of us that we often neglect to see the error in their simplicity.  Quips that were created hope of advancing our […]

Let’s Do Justice

Another place I’m honored to contribute monthly is Prodigal Magazine. I will be writing on their Social Justice channel. Here’s some more information about the site: Not everyone has the power to live a good story. I know that sounds unfair and the truth is, it is. Some good stories are blocked by injustice. There are […]

The Prodigal Churchgoer

One of the things I am really excited about in this season is contributing to a new channel of Deeper Story, A Deeper Church. The writers that will be contributing monthly are friends, old and new, who love wrestling, engaging, and exploring stories to find common truths. I hope you will take this opportunity to […]

Struggling With Prayer

Sometimes I struggle with prayer. Not the bow your heads as we all come together to close up this worship service type of prayer. Not the constant back-and-forth muttering, wrestling, surrendering to the Creator of the Universe type of prayer. But the grocery listing of all the things in this world that are broken and […]