the single sessions

An Interview with Ashley Gillman


And we’re back with another  installment of “the single sessions.” I have loved reading your comments on Joy and Evan’s posts. Now I’m excited to introduce you to Ashley Gillman. Ashley has a great attitude about the single life and dating in the digital age — I thought that we all might learn from her joyful and adventurous perspective. […]

the single sessions

An Interview with Evan Richardson

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And we’re back with another  installment of “the single sessions.” I loved loved LOVED reading all of your comments on Joy’s post — her words and feelings sure resonated with a lot of you. Now for Evan’s introduction. I have never met Evan — the two of us have just exchanged a few emails — he reached out after my post “Church and the […]

the single sessions

An Interview with Joy Beth Smith


Hey, Lindsey here. One of the things I wanted to do after writing and reading all the comments on Church & The Single Girl, Part 1 and Part 2 was tell stories. Tell stories of other single people who are in the trenches of life, trying to discern their next steps, and embrace their singleness with […]

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On Being Single and in the Church

You know how there are people you meet in passing and you just like them? People that you know that if you had more time together or lived closer you’d be good friends? Well,  Matt Mooney is one of those people. {And I hear his wife Ginny is totally one of those people.} Matt and I have […]

Austin, Texas — The Short List

The places to go. The things to eat.


In a month, we are going to have a couple thousand friends from around the country, from around the world, visiting the wackiest and most endearing city in the world for the IF:Gathering. My hope is that each visitor will fall in love with this city I love so much and return often. {Heaven knows, we don’t need anyone else […]

Church and the Single Girl, Part 2

I have been avoiding this. This processing, this writing, this — dare I say it, I really don’t want it to be — calling. After my last post, I have felt so BURDENED. I thought that I felt burdened before, that I needed to write those words, and that I needed to publish them but then once they were out […]

Church and the Single Girl

To the small group leader who suggests four times at the fall kick-off meeting that they just really want this to be convenient for the families… To the pastor who on Sunday morning casually equates maturity with marriage… To the conference planner who doesn’t fight to find and include single voices — not so that they […]

He Knows You

An Excerpt by Sheridan Voysey

Sheridan Voysey 2015 5 (Blake Wisz)

Today I’m giving space on the blog to my friend Sheridan Voysey. I am a fan of Sheridan’s life and his work. {You should definitely pick up a copy of Resurrection Year if you haven’t read it yet — it’s an incredible read.}  Sheridan’s new book Resilient: Your Invitation to a Jesus-Shaped Life launches Wednesday October […]