The Countdown (And Download) Is On…

Christmas is just around the corner. Literally 45 days and counting…. (Where exactly does time go?) And now is the time to be downloading Christmas music so that you can start feeling all festive. I need to know. What Christmas album and/or song do you consider required listening? Here are mine, don’t judge. Album: Kenny […]

Beautiful Things

Sometimes my singleness feels like a curse, a crazy-never-ending-not-sure-what-is-wrong-with-me-but-surely-it-is-something-obvious-why-won’t-anyone-tell-me curse. But lately instead of pouting, struggling, fighting through this season of singleness, I have been dwelling on the opportunities this season provides. I have been shifting from a posture of doubt, frustration, and impatience to a posture of trust, privilege, and hope. I have been […]


Logically I KNOW that I have enough. But my feelings never seem to be logical. (Oh, how I wish they were.) So…I find myself haphazardly fluctuating between wanting more and feeling…just plain overwhelmed. In my relationships, at work, with my piles of stuff, it’s never enough until…it feels like too much. Oh, how I want […]

How He Loves, Your Turn

Over the last two weeks, I’ve asked some friends to share their impressions about John Mark McMillan’s How He Loves. These posts have been so good for me. They’ve been food for my soul. I have loved each and every one. Their beauty lies in their uniqueness. Yesterday, inspired by the series Bill Cahusac shared his […]

How He Loves, Stephen Brewster

I just love that Stephen Brewster is wrapping up the How He Loves series. A few months ago as the Senior Director of Marketing for Integrity Music, Stephen introduced me to John Mark McMillan and the song that inspired this series. Even more, I love that Stephen, his lovely wife, and beautiful kids just moved […]

He is Jealous for Me, Grant Jenkins

Today’s “How He Loves” post is from Grant Jenkins, aka An Idol Heart. Grant is a fellow Cross Pointer who I met via twitter and blogging several months before our paths crossed “in real life.” I admire how Grant publicly wrestles with finding peace, purpose, and self-worth in Christ. Alone. Find his blog here. And his twitter here. […]

Even When I Deserve Stoning, Alece Ronzino

Today’s “How He Loves” post is from Alece Ronzino, aka Grit and Glory. As I have said before, Alece is seems well ordinary. She is as easy be around, smart, authentic, and sassy. She is a kindred soul. But at the same time Alece is extra-ordinary. She ventured to Africa right out of high school to […]

Reckless Worship, Trisha Davis

Today’s “How He Loves” post is from Trisha Davis. As I said on Wednesday, Justin and Trish(a) are two incredible people. They know all about brokenness, restoration, and redemption. Through their ministry at Cross Point Bellevue and Refine Us, they teach others (like me) the power of authenticity, truth, and grace. I am honored to call them friends. […]