Taking The “Hmmm” Out of What To Get Him

I have a couple of dudes on my Christmas list. You know? Dad. Brother-in-law. And I always struggle with what to get them. I usually find a cool, soft t-shirt to replace the ratty ones that have hung on a few years too long. Or something for the bar. Liquor. A decanter. Wine glasses. You […]

I’ve Forgotten Why

I used to love all things social media. But lately I’ve forgotten why. Blogging. Instagram. Twitter. Facebook. Slowly over time they’ve all made me weary. So much so that I can hardly remember what I loved so much about them in the first place… I think I loved how it allowed me to connect with people. But […]

3 Things You Should Read This Week

Lately I have had a hard time finding the right words for this place. But these three women found the words I was missing this week. I hope you will read and enjoy each of these posts.  Jennie Allen’s If: A Call To Pray — “This little tribe isn’t everything but it is something.” We aren’t […]

Confessions and Realizations From A Blogging Slacker

I have been a blogging slacker. I have all sorts of excuses. Two cross country moves in less than 12 months. New homes {plural}. New jobs {plural} New friends {plural}. New everythings {routines, habits, plans, all that and more}. Real life seemed to demand all of me and life on the internet became seemingly less important. But […]

A 2nd Question for You…

Last week I posed a question on here about boys and girls, men and women, friends forever or a recipe for disaster. The comments were fascinating. People told stories and shared opinions. A beautiful dialogue was created. So today I want to pose another series of questions on something that has been nagging at me […]

Oh How We Lie

Lately I have noticed that we (yes, me too) sure tweet a lot of lies. We tweet a lot of untruths, falsehoods, fibs, fabrications, deceptions, inventions, pieces of fiction, falsifications, half-truths, exaggerations, and tall tales. Plainly, we tweet lot of crap. Call me a skeptic BUT was that sandwich REALLY the best thing you have […]

The Best Thing I’ve Read This Week

By far this is the best, the most-thought provoking thing that I’ve read all week. Since I first read Blue Like Jazz, I have appreciated Donald Miller’s voice, his humor, and his insight. I’ve credited his most recent book A Million Miles in a Thousand Years with changing the way I think. A few years ago, […]

At the Movies: Secretariat

A couple of months ago, I had the opportunity to join a handful of bloggers on an absolutely-amazing-once-in-a-lifetime-kind-of trip. We flew out to sunny Los Angeles, stayed in some super swanky digs (oh how I love W Hotels), and rolled around Hollywood in a white Hummer that stretched as long as a football field. We […]

Online Community?

Today I’m guest posting over on (In)Courage. (In)Courage is one of the few blogs I get sent to my inbox every day. Some of my favorite writers, and friends, are regular contributors. And so I was extremely honored when they asked me to share something on the subject of Community for their anniversary. Some people […]