Struggling With Prayer

Sometimes I struggle with prayer. Not the bow your heads as we all come together to close up this worship service type of prayer. Not the constant back-and-forth muttering, wrestling, surrendering to the Creator of the Universe type of prayer. But the grocery listing of all the things in this world that are broken and […]

Nothing Says Happy Valentine’s Day…

Like An Interview About Singleness Today I am answering some questions about my season of singleness on Matt Appling’s blog, The Church of No People. Here’s a taste: Q: Okay, so we’re talking about being single, and more specifically, how to be “good” at being single. I imagine many people tiptoe around the topic of […]


Yesterday I was talking to some friends about my season of singleness and one said, Lindsey, do you know that you are wonderful? That was all it took. Tears. Sometimes it is the strangest things that start them streaming. I am curious. What is the last thing that made you cry? Was it a movie? […]

Beautiful Things

Sometimes my singleness feels like a curse, a crazy-never-ending-not-sure-what-is-wrong-with-me-but-surely-it-is-something-obvious-why-won’t-anyone-tell-me curse. But lately instead of pouting, struggling, fighting through this season of singleness, I have been dwelling on the opportunities this season provides. I have been shifting from a posture of doubt, frustration, and impatience to a posture of trust, privilege, and hope. I have been […]


Last week a few friends and I were commiserating over some of the perils of being single. Maybe commiserating is the wrong word. We were just commenting about how our lives didn’t really match our childhood dreams with “the” husband and “the” 2.0 kids. And while the journey we find ourselves on can be challenging […]

About Lindsey Nobles

Lindsey is a native Texan who lives in Nashville, Tennessee. She has a sincere love for her precious dogs Molly and Maisy, a good red wine and Southwest Airlines. When she’s not making trips back to Orange County {where she spent a 9 month stint soaking up the sun and building community at Project 7}, Dallas {her hometown}, or Birmingham {where she first fell in love with the South}, or Austin {home to the best food in the world} she’s spending her time consulting on a few special projects that she is passionate about. 


Lindsey has a definite love for and interest in honesty, self-awareness and answering the hard questions that friends sometimes ask her. Even the not so fun or popular topic of singleness.

She believes that women need a place, both physically and virtually, where we all can come together, reflect, rest, refuel, and redeem our passions, our purposes, and our lives. These are just a couple of the reasons that she devoted a lot of her time and energy to building and leading the IF:Gathering.


Lindsey graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a degree in Marketing and is still waiting for the perfect ski day.

The posts on this blog are provided ‘as is’ with no warranties and confer no rights. The opinions expressed on this site are my own and do not necessarily represent those of my employer. © 2013, Lindsey Nobles