Where Feet May Fail


It’s been a crazy couple of years. What was once a casual conversation between friends and colleagues around gathering like-hearted women has become so much more. (Read more about it here or skip to the bottom of the post.) You call me out upon the waters So much more fun {I’m getting there Jennie}. So […]

I’ve Forgotten Why

I used to love all things social media. But lately I’ve forgotten why. Blogging. Instagram. Twitter. Facebook. Slowly over time they’ve all made me weary. So much so that I can hardly remember what I loved so much about them in the first place… I think I loved how it allowed me to connect with people. But […]

El Quetzal Savings Group

Leadership of El Quecal

There are a lot of things I love about FH. Our team. Our leadership. Our fields. Our programs. Our philosophy of sustainability and innovation in all things. But one of my very favorite things at FH is learning about and from our Savings Groups.  {You might remember in January when I met the Rose Savings […]

A Place I Hold Especially Dear


I love to travel. I haven’t found a place I don’t like. But some places I hold especially dear. Guatemala is one of those places. I traveled their a couple of years ago and visited several communities outside of Guatemala City with Compassion International…a life-changing trip. And then got to go back with Food for […]

3 Things You Should Read This Week

Lately I have had a hard time finding the right words for this place. But these three women found the words I was missing this week. I hope you will read and enjoy each of these posts.  Jennie Allen’s If: A Call To Pray — “This little tribe isn’t everything but it is something.” We aren’t […]

That We May All Be One

I met Jennie Allen for the first time in the spring of 2011. It was my final week serving as the Director of Communications at Thomas Nelson and Jennie was presenting Anything at Thomas Nelson’s Quarterly Sales Conference. Some might say we are an unlikely duo. Jennie is passionate {sometimes I think she might hit […]