Not Your Traditional Thanksgiving

To say I was raised among avid travelers is an understatement. Everyone in my family was born with a major case of wanderlust and a passport in hand. As a case in point, my nieces (the youngest of which is two) are about to make their second international trip. (I know, my sister, brother-in-law, and […]

Relearning Extravagance

On Sunday morning, I was in Birmingham so I found myself at Church of the Highlands instead of being at Cross Point for the culmination of Faith, Hope, and Love. And candidly I was somewhat relieved because Pete Wilson has been packing each Sunday full of punches straight to my gut. God has been seriously […]

Defining Community

Earlier this week, I posted about cultivating community. In the comments section, it quickly became obvious that I had missed something. I had neglected to define community. Are people who gathering and exchange thoughts and ideas online really a community? When I am looking for definitions, I typically pull out my oh-so-handy Webster’s Dictionary (or […]

My Homage to Birmingham

Before I moved to Nashville, I lived in one of the most underrated cities in the South. Yes, Birmingham, Alabama, is seriously underrated. After I graduated from college, I was back home in Dallas and I was pretty miserable. (After spending my college years in Boulder, I found “Big D” to be a little large […]

The Cutest Kids In The Whole World

Confession: I think my nieces are literally the cutest kids in the whole world. (Only to be closely rivaled by my God daughter, and the children I sponsor through WorldVision and Compassion.) Confession: I am aware of how annoying this behavior is but I can’t seem to stop myself. (This post is a case in […]

Nuts About Southwest

Last week I had the pleasure of hearing Paula Berg, Manager of Emerging Media for Southwest Airlines, speak at a Nashville Chamber Small Business Breakfast as part of the Informed and Inspired series. Paula was terrific. She was engaging, honest, and approachable. But most importantly she was informed. I loved learning what she had to […]


Last week a few friends and I were commiserating over some of the perils of being single. Maybe commiserating is the wrong word. We were just commenting about how our lives didn’t really match our childhood dreams with “the” husband and “the” 2.0 kids. And while the journey we find ourselves on can be challenging […]

Laughing with Him

Sometimes God is hilarious. Hilarious in the way He orchestrates encounters, the way He satisfies needs before they are even voiced, the way He moves people in and out of our lives like actors in a beautifully written play, the way He forcefully prompts us when we are just a little too hesitant for His […]

A Few Things I Learned Today

Today was one of those days where I learned new things. I love learning new things. And maybe some of you love learning new things too, so I am sharing them with you so perhaps you can share in my “knowledgeable bliss.” 1. Mashable lists Michael Hyatt as one of the most influential twitterers shaping […]