With Gratitude, Part Three

I am celebrating Thanksgiving in Pebble Beach, California (yes, it is beautiful here, absolutely beautiful). And although I had every intention of writing a “With Gratitude” post every day this week, the internet has been spotty and so I apologize that it has taken me a few days to get back to you with Day […]

With Gratitude

Sometimes it is easier to focus on the things I don’t have. But I’ve found that’s no way to live. Instead I want to be someone who constantly feels blessed. Because in all reality I have everything I need, and more. So in honor of the season of Thanksgiving, I have decided to publicly express […]

Not Your Traditional Thanksgiving

To say I was raised among avid travelers is an understatement. Everyone in my family was born with a major case of wanderlust and a passport in hand. As a case in point, my nieces (the youngest of which is two) are about to make their second international trip. (I know, my sister, brother-in-law, and […]

Relearning Extravagance

On Sunday morning, I was in Birmingham so I found myself at Church of the Highlands instead of being at Cross Point for the culmination of Faith, Hope, and Love. And candidly I was somewhat relieved because Pete Wilson has been packing each Sunday full of punches straight to my gut. God has been seriously […]

Defining Community

Earlier this week, I posted about cultivating community. In the comments section, it quickly became obvious that I had missed something. I had neglected to define community. Are people who gathering and exchange thoughts and ideas online really a community? When I am looking for definitions, I typically pull out my oh-so-handy Webster’s Dictionary (or […]

My Homage to Birmingham

Before I moved to Nashville, I lived in one of the most underrated cities in the South. Yes, Birmingham, Alabama, is seriously underrated. After I graduated from college, I was back home in Dallas and I was pretty miserable. (After spending my college years in Boulder, I found “Big D” to be a little large […]

The Cutest Kids In The Whole World

Confession: I think my nieces are literally the cutest kids in the whole world. (Only to be closely rivaled by my God daughter, and the children I sponsor through WorldVision and Compassion.) Confession: I am aware of how annoying this behavior is but I can’t seem to stop myself. (This post is a case in […]

Nuts About Southwest

Last week I had the pleasure of hearing Paula Berg, Manager of Emerging Media for Southwest Airlines, speak at a Nashville Chamber Small Business Breakfast as part of the Informed and Inspired series. Paula was terrific. She was engaging, honest, and approachable. But most importantly she was informed. I loved learning what she had to […]