Unexpected “Blessings”

You know that cheesy song that Garth Brooks sang back in the early-199os, “Unanswered Prayers?” Well all I can say is that, it might be cheesy, but it is also dead on. Seriously, dead on. Have you ever taken a moment to think about all the heartbreak that you have experienced? Heartbreak that was in […]

Women of Faith

A week or so ago, I traveled to Dallas, Texas for the Women of Faith Conference. Women of Faith is a division of Thomas Nelson and so it was essentially a work trip. And candidly, without my connection to Thomas Nelson, I probably wouldn’t have attended a Women of Faith conference. You see I don’t […]

Guinness World Records Has Nothing On Me

Have you ever broken a record before? Seriously a legitimate record? I break silly records all the time: most hours spent on the couch, number of tweets in a fifteen minute period, times using the word “hilarious” in a conversation. (I annoy myself with how much I use the word “hilarious” but I just can’t […]

Attention: RSS Subscribers

I just realized that when I changed my blog’s domain to www.lindseynobles.com from http://lindseyreadenobles.wordpress.com it did not automatically update the RSS feed. So if you would like to continue reading (which I hope you will), please re-subscribe by clicking THE BRIGHT ORANGE CIRCULAR BUTTON just to the right upper corner of this note. It should […]