Guinness World Records Has Nothing On Me

Have you ever broken a record before? Seriously a legitimate record? I break silly records all the time: most hours spent on the couch, number of tweets in a fifteen minute period, times using the word “hilarious” in a conversation. (I annoy myself with how much I use the word “hilarious” but I just can’t […]

Attention: RSS Subscribers

I just realized that when I changed my blog’s domain to from it did not automatically update the RSS feed. So if you would like to continue reading (which I hope you will), please re-subscribe by clicking THE BRIGHT ORANGE CIRCULAR BUTTON just to the right upper corner of this note. It should […]

Convicting Questions

Have you ever sat in church and felt like your pastor, priest, or minister is speaking directly to you? Or actually that God is screaming at the top of His lungs at you through your pastor, priest, or minister? And instantly a gut-wrenching conviction bombards your soul. Unfortunately, I know this feeling all too well. […]

I Live a Pretty Little Life…

Do you ever look at your faith and wonder? Wonder if it would be strong if you didn’t “live a pretty little life.” Wonder if it will survive the really hard times. Wonder if it is wrongly based on the assumption that your life, as a Christian, will only get better, it certainly can’t get […]

I'm Infected

Last Thursday, Thomas Nelson hosted LifeWork 2.0, a Social Media tutorial created by Spence Smith and Randy Elrod. All in all, there were about 30 attendees from Thomas Nelson and 20 folks from all around the United States. I love Randy and Spence’s energy. Their passion about this stuff is contagious! And I have caught […]