Oh Great God, Give Us Rest

I am in an especially crazy season of life. We are just six weeks into 2013 and I have already traveled to Raleigh, Dhaka, and Bend {with two more trips on the horizon next week}. I have attended two conferences and sat in countless coffees, meetings and conference calls.  My sweet 90 year old grandmother […]

Best Of…Bangladesh

It’s 5:10 AM on Friday (Istanbul Standard Time) and the FH Bloggers are all cozied up in the Istanbul airport, enjoying our 9 hour layover in this place that is a bridge between where we have been and where we are going. Surfing the internet, sipping on lattes, indulging in crossaints and hazelnut spread. {Did […]

Bangladeshi Savings Groups

Today was our third day to visit communities in Bangladesh. We had amazing day in another sweeper community outside of Dhaka. We visited with some families that are affected by FH’s work. Here’s a post I wrote for the Catalyst blog on the savings groups that we’ve seen impacting each community. PS – I just got […]

Counting Down the Days Til Bangladesh

In 8 short days, the #fhbloggers will meet in Los Angeles to begin our LONG trip across the world to Bangladesh where we will spend a handful of days visiting Food for the Hungry’s staff and work there. {We had a Skype call with the team yesterday and covered all the details. You know…to dos […]

I’m So Excited I Just Can’t Hide It

Yeah. I know. That was mean to get you stuck on the lyrics of a catchy 80s song that is promised to be running through your head all day. Mean. But I couldn’t help it. I’m so excited! Something that we has been in the works for quite awhile just launched. And with its launch comes […]