Let Hope In

The following post is from my pastor and friend, Pete Wilson. I am a huge fan of Pete, his family, and his words. Because well, he’s cool. But mostly because he helped me see that there was hope for me, that we all are broken and in need of healing, and that a church that […]

Church is Not A Building

Hey guys, I am posting over on Deeper Church today. A few weeks ago, I attended the last ever church service in Cross Point’s Charlotte Avenue campus. I got teary-eyed as I sat sandwiched between two of my best friends’ families and belted out the words to “One Thing Remains.” I was heartbroken to leave the worn […]

Beyond Ordinary

Last week I had the pleasure of sitting down with two of my favorite people, Trisha and Justin Davis, to talk about their new book, Beyond Ordinary: When a Good Marriage Isn’t Good Enough. The Davises have taught me so much through their friendship, their ministry and their book about living a life that is […]

What Do You Appreciate Most About Your Church?

Today, like many Sundays, I was struck with an incredible sense of thankfulness for my church. I know that there are hundreds, thousands, millions, of great churches out there, but for now, Cross Point is the right fit for me. I know that you probably feel the same way, and that’s why I would love […]