The Strangest Thing

I have noticed the strangest thing. The more “free” time I have, the harder it is for me to get things done. Since I left my job at Thomas Nelson three weeks ago, I have felt more behind than ever. My inbox certainly isn’t anywhere near zero. My blog has been for-all-practical-matters abandoned. And my […]

Why In-N-Out In Texas Stresses Me Out


The arrival of In-N-Out Burger to North Texas has prompted happy tears, 3 hour drive-thru lines, and even made Frisco and Allen popular tourist donation for hungry Oklahomans craving a Double-Double. But it has me completely stressed out. Now I LOVE In-N-Out. And I LOVE North Texas. But I fiercely believe that every once in […]

Two Loves Meet For the First Time

You probably know this already but I grew up in Texas. In Dallas, Texas to be exact. And yes, I am one of those obnoxious people that truly believes that things are ALWAYS bigger and OFTEN TIMES better in Texas – cases in point: the state fair, hair, food portions, and even churches. This year […]

Do You Remember…

what it was like to be a teenager? Really what it was like? Not some dreamed-up idealized version of high school where you felt secure, loved, and popular? Because I do. I try to block it out sometimes, but it is there, still haunting me. I grew up in Dallas, Texas, in an area that […]

Women of Faith

A week or so ago, I traveled to Dallas, Texas for the Women of Faith Conference. Women of Faith is a division of Thomas Nelson and so it was essentially a work trip. And candidly, without my connection to Thomas Nelson, I probably wouldn’t have attended a Women of Faith conference. You see I don’t […]