Keeping Track of Time As It Flies By

For the last almost-three weeks I have been in Dallas, trying to keep track of the time as it flies by. The bulk of the first two weeks was spent enjoying my three nieces who were visiting from their home in Raleigh. We had so much fun, experiencing a Texas safari, swimming every afternoon at […]

The Strangest Thing

I have noticed the strangest thing. The more “free” time I have, the harder it is for me to get things done. Since I left my job at Thomas Nelson three weeks ago, I have felt more behind than ever. My inbox certainly isn’t anywhere near zero. My blog has been for-all-practical-matters abandoned. And my […]

Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving y’all. I am in Asheville, North Carolina, with the whole clan. We have four generations gathered together to celebrate. And I am so thankful. Today I have a VERY SPECIAL guest-poster. My eight-year-old niece Macon is going to share about Thanksgiving. Hi.  I am Macon and I am thankful for a lot of […]

That’s Right (You’re Not from Texas)


I have always loved that Lyle Lovett song. See I was born and raised in Texas And it means so much to me Though my girl comes from down in Georgia We were up in Tennessee And as we were driving down the highway She asked me baby what’s so great How come you’re always […]

Drafting Blueprints, Part 5

Okay, time for Part 5 of my Drafting Blueprints series. In case you missed the first 4 parts, here is a brief recap: My “Blueprint” series is essentially a mechanism for me to start thinking through my life goals. And as hard humiliating as it is to admit some of the things I want to […]