You Know How I Wasn’t Invited…

To attend that party? To play on that team? To sit at that table? To go on that trip?  It’s okay. It really is okay. It wasn’t okay at first. I was hurt as everyone whispered plans and gushed about the fun to be had. I was wistful as I watched every picture go up on Instagram. I was angry as names were […]

What Fear Can Kill

Today’s post is from Bianca Juarez Olthoff. ‘B’ works for The A21 Campaign as the Chief Storyteller. And she is believes in me, and my dreams, even when I can’t believe in them myself. Bianca dreams and she dreams big.  I am immensely thankful Bianca and her husband Matt and how they have welcomed me into their life […]

One Thing

If you were truly FEARLESS, what is ONE THING you would commit to DOING right now? Skydive? Break a habit? Tell someone how you really feel? Step into the spotlight? Run a marathon? Change careers? Give a long overdue apology? Say goodbye to a friend that is stunting your growth? Adopt a child? Looking at […]

I Live a Pretty Little Life…

Do you ever look at your faith and wonder? Wonder if it would be strong if you didn’t “live a pretty little life.” Wonder if it will survive the really hard times. Wonder if it is wrongly based on the assumption that your life, as a Christian, will only get better, it certainly can’t get […]