The Challenges That Accompany Our Dreams

A few weeks ago I attended an event hosted by Mariner’s Church called  “Discover Your Dream.” Kenton Beshore,Mariner’s Senior Pastor, and Bob Goff, Lawyer, Dreamer and All Around Whimsy Worker, challenged and inspired the 600+ attendees to believe that God has unique plans for each and every one of us. And most importantly, that He […]

The Most Important Place for Honesty, Sheila Walsh

I am so excited to have Sheila Walsh guest posting today. I love Sheila Walsh. It is rare that a day goes by that I don’t laugh out loud at something that she posts on twitter. Everyone should follow Sheila because she is hilarious. But Sheila is also poignant, insightful, brave and boldly honest. A […]

Nothing Says Happy Valentine’s Day…

Like An Interview About Singleness Today I am answering some questions about my season of singleness on Matt Appling’s blog, The Church of No People. Here’s a taste: Q: Okay, so we’re talking about being single, and more specifically, how to be “good” at being single. I imagine many people tiptoe around the topic of […]

World Changers Aren’t Necessarily News Makers

Today I am featuring a guest post from my friend Greg Darley. Greg is a young go-getter. A few years ago he started BackStage Leadership, a coaching network that let’s you get behind-the-scenes with some of today’s most influential church leaders. This month he is releasing his first book, Passion is Not Enough. Here’s a […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving y’all. I am in Asheville, North Carolina, with the whole clan. We have four generations gathered together to celebrate. And I am so thankful. Today I have a VERY SPECIAL guest-poster. My eight-year-old niece Macon is going to share about Thanksgiving. Hi.  I am Macon and I am thankful for a lot of […]

Prioritizing the Right People, Eve Annunziato

Today’s “Pruning” post is from Eve Annunziato. Eve works for Mercy Ministries as the Church Relations Director and is a close friend. She is wise about a lot of stuff, about parenting, about God, about pursuing your passions, but she is especially wise about relationships. So thankful to have her speaking into my life. Follow Eve […]

Confessions of a Recovering Commitment Junkie, Brad Ruggles

Today’s “Pruning” post is from Brad Ruggles. I have followed (gosh, sometimes that sounds so creepy) Brad for quite awhile, but finally met him last year at the Blogger’s Meetup before Catalyst (which he graciously organizes). Brad is one of the guys that has both passion and talent and uses is them to make a […]

Pruned, Amanda Jones

Today’s “Pruning” post is from Amanda Moore Jones. Amanda traveled with me to Guatemala on the Compassion Bloggers trip in September. We had an immediate connection over authentic Tex-Mex and J.D.’s Chippery cookies, and a forever connection after stepping out of our comfort zones together. Amanda has a gentle spirit but at first encounter you […]

On Pruning

My Catalyst 3DM coaching group is studying Building a Discipling Culture by Mike Been and Steve Cockram and has spent the last few weeks talking about rhythms and pruning. I have found our discussions around pruning particularly enlightening. Here is what the huddle guide has to say on the topic. “Bearing fruit is the most […]

How He Loves, Your Turn

Over the last two weeks, I’ve asked some friends to share their impressions about John Mark McMillan’s How He Loves. These posts have been so good for me. They’ve been food for my soul. I have loved each and every one. Their beauty lies in their uniqueness. Yesterday, inspired by the series Bill Cahusac shared his […]