Finishing Our Race

On Sunday, thirteen friends (some of whom I just met the night before) and I came together from all over the United States, completed the San Diego Rock N’ Roll Half Marathon and raised over $10,000 for Compassion International. It was the perfect day, the perfect setting, to run a half marathon. The sun was […]

Meet Team San Diego

THIS SUNDAY I am running (Who am I kidding? I haven’t trained well at all, so I’ll be walking, or crawling.) the San Diego Rock N’ Roll Half Marathon to raise money for Compassion International. Several months ago, my friend Sarah and I decided to join forces, organize a team, and see what kind of […]

Staying The Course…

I have realized something about myself. I don’t do well when I get behind. To be more accurate, if I am not leading or running with the pack, I seem to lose interest, fall further back…and quit. Whether its something important like working through a Bible reading plan or something meaningless like playing a Words with […]

Celebrating Completion

On Saturday, I completed the Country Music Half Marathon. I wish I could say, “On Saturday, I ran the Country Music Half Marathon,” but really there was no running. There was some walking, some trotting, but mostly walking. With about a 10-minute bathroom break, my “chip” time was 3:22. I ran (for lack of a […]

Embracing Discipline

When thinking of adjectives to describe me – responsible, outgoing, and caring might jump to the top of the list, disciplined would not. This is the classic excuse but…discipline is just not something that comes naturally to me. Candidly there have been times when I resented those that exuded discipline. Yes, I said it – […]