Not Arriving, Justin Davis

Today’s “Pruning” post is from Justin Davis. Justin, his wife Trisha, and their three boys are such a blessing to me. They are a living testament to how God restores and redeems our brokenness. Through their ministry at Cross Point Bellevue and Refine Us, they teach others (like me) the power of authenticity, truth, and grace. Find […]

My 10 Favorite Things About Catalyst 2010

First off, let me apologize for completely disappearing for the last week or so. It was never my intention to be away so long. But man, Catalyst came with a big ‘ol bang and stole every ounce of my energy. Okay, that’s enough of that… Last week I was in Atlanta, Georgia, for the Catalyst […]

Being Made More Fully Alive

A couple of weeks ago I finished John Ortberg’s The Me I Want To Be. I LOVE this book. It got me thinking, brought clarity to the cloudiness, answered questions I didn’t know I was asking, and offered peace to replace some of my stirring. My copy is all marked-up with underlines and notes of promptings […]

River of Life

It is CRAZY how many “church” songs I know. (Guess all those years in “sunday school”, youth group, summer camp, Young Life, and K-Life paid off?) Most days the songs simply lay dormant in my head. But sometimes I read or hear something – a verse, a quote, a conversation – that awakens them. And […]

The More Godly Lindsey

Last night I started reading John Ortberg’s The Me I Want to Be. I am one chapter in…and already LOVING this book. Ortberg began by answering questions I didn’t even know I had. (He’s that smart.) For instance, I didn’t realize I was having a hard time discerning what a more Godly Lindsey looked like. […]