Did you attend Catalyst last month? And come home feeling all warm, fuzzy and inspired? But quickly stash away your swag bag and your notes? Only to get immersed back into life as usual? Or did something (finances, obligations, lack of vacation time) keep you at home? So you watched the seeminglingly-never-ending twitter feed and […]

Hitting the Wall

Yesterday was just another day, in a series of REALLY LONG DAYS. It was just a tactical conversation, really. A conversation about needing to consolidate my “stuff” in the garage. The thing that set me off. The final straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back. I rushed into my temporary “home”, a room that is about […]


Last Friday I wrote that I had a heavy heart. Today I am just spent. Spent. Literally I’ve got nothing. Nothing. Around noon on Sunday I returned to Nashville to be greeted by a few inches of standing water in my basement apartment. My roommate and I spent the better part of the day futilely […]

You Ask. I Answer: Nashville Restaurants

When I asked for questions you’d like to see my answer on my blog, several people wanted to know what my favorite restaurants Nashville restaurants are. If you know anything about me, you probably know that I love eating out. Seriously love eating out. I guess it is something about the experience of sitting down […]