Church and the Single Girl, Part 2

I have been avoiding this. This processing, this writing, this — dare I say it, I really don’t want it to be — calling. After my last post, I have felt so BURDENED. I thought that I felt burdened before, that I needed to write those words, and that I needed to publish them but then once they were out […]

Grown Men Stuck in An Extended Adolescence?

This morning I received a package of miscellaneous things from my mom (oh, if only you could see the wonderfully random things she sends my way). And in the package with a torn out article from the Wall Street Journal with a sticky note attached “Interesting article, Mom.” At first glance I thought it was […]

Nothing Says Happy Valentine’s Day…

Like An Interview About Singleness Today I am answering some questions about my season of singleness on Matt Appling’s blog, The Church of No People. Here’s a taste: Q: Okay, so we’re talking about being single, and more specifically, how to be “good” at being single. I imagine many people tiptoe around the topic of […]


Last week a few friends and I were commiserating over some of the perils of being single. Maybe commiserating is the wrong word. We were just commenting about how our lives didn’t really match our childhood dreams with “the” husband and “the” 2.0 kids. And while the journey we find ourselves on can be challenging […]